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LocalFactor, a new multi platform advertising company with partnerships with forward-thinking FORTUNE 200 and SMALL CAP companies, has launched with an ambitious mission to disrupt the way brands connect and access audiences on a local level leveraging cutting-edge technology.

Founded by award-winning veteran marketing executive Evan Rutchik and headquartered in Brooklyn, NY, LocalFactor officially opened its doors three months ago and has already made an impact for major brands and small businesses.

LocalFactor has run a multitude of campaigns for clients across North America focused on helping these brands and businesses maximize, scale and create value from local audiences. They provide an easy to access platform to find scalable audiences and activate within supply chain optimized inventory across all devices allowing brands to connect with desired audiences wherever they are spending time.

Rutchik launched LocalFactor in recognition that advertisers have missed out on local audiences as a key factor for optimization and scalability. With the right technology in place, recent executions have demonstrated that clients have saved up to 20% of ad spend while generating significantly better performance for their brand or business across their campaign, and can also future proof their efforts with the ever-evolving data identifier landscape.

LocalFactor is a part of a larger portfolio of RIII Ventures, a tech-centric angel fund focused on investing in disruptive technology.

“Our growth has been faster than I anticipated, which is leading to faster innovation,” said Rutchik. “Right now, we are a fearsome group of people working to build the business from the ground up. Many of our clients are in the same growth mindset, so we can share in the success, the learnings, and grow together. As a team, we are working together within our core company values of Integrity, Grit, and Extreme Ownership.”

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