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MWM Announces the Launch of a Publishing Business Unit

The company continues to empower millions of people to unleash their creativity through the world of apps and ease the arduous app development process

Mobile app publisher and development studio, MWM, today announced the launch of its new publishing business unit focused on the United States market with the ambition to become the leading publisher of non-gaming mobile apps. This expansion constitutes another step toward MWM’s efforts to build a global ecosystem of talented developers that enable mobile users worldwide to use their smartphones to unleash their creativity, instead of using mobile devices for simply consuming media.

With millions of apps going to market every year, MWM will help its new partners cut through the noise, become leaders in their respective categories and overcome industry challenges. Most app developers often lack the financial resources and technology stacks to acquire new users, monetize their products and deploy scalable and targeted advertising strategies. MWM will alleviate these common pain points and embark on a collaborative journey with partners who also strive to lower the barrier of entry to cutting-edge tech and encourage people to materialize their creative visions using their smartphones.

“At MWM’s core is the vision to make creativity accessible to everyone without limitations,” said Jean-Baptiste Hironde, CEO and Co-Founder of MWM. “When I was an aspiring DJ in college over 10 years ago, it was very difficult to have access to the best equipment. That inspired my best friend and me to create Edjing Mix, which enables users to create mixes with smartphones or tablets. Today, MWM doesn’t only create fun apps, it allows developers to achieve the success they deserve by sharing the experience we’ve accrued since the company’s inception.”

Over the course of a decade, MWM has developed a user event processing technology that gathers back-end and partner data to create a connected ecosystem of resources for developers. That database is complemented by MWM’s machine-learning-powered, predictive technology, which ensures processes are automated and optimized to ultimately make infinite scaling possible. MWM has created a platform that helps mobile developers overcome the app economy’s hurdles by transferring company knowledge on machine learning, rendering and audio tools, while providing them with a tailored service aimed at multiplying their products’ performance.

Additionally, MWM uses data analysis to provide partners with powerful and actionable insights to optimize UI and UX flows, improving retention and expanding reach. Partners are given indirect access to MWM’s network of partners, content usage rights and global licensing agreements it has negotiated for its own apps, which gives app creators the freedom to be entirely focused on their products instead of staffing, distributing and marketing.

To streamline the selection process between MWM and outside studios, interested companies can autonomously submit their apps for review for a short testing period. Once partners are vetted and onboarded, MWM gains the publishing right to use, promote and monetize partner apps but developers keep the IP rights of the product. A profit-sharing model will be used for the duration of the partnership, this way risk is shared and both parties are determined to make the product succeed. When a partnership concludes, developers’ apps will be transferred back to their accounts on the iOS App and Google Play Stores and the profit sharing will end.

Founded in 2012, MWM has worked extensively with companies such as Google and Apple to heighten the visibility of its cutting-edge apps in music, photography, video editing and digital art. To date, the company has launched more than 50 apps across 180 countries, with more than 500 million users across the globe. MWM’s roster of award-winning apps includes Edjing Mix, Beat Maker Pro, Color Pop and more. MWM’s US Publishing offerings are now available to developers.

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