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Natco Credit Union launches Engageware’s Customer Self-Service sol

Credit union builds on success of Online Appointment Scheduling, adds Customer Self-Service solution to elevate member experience, provide easier, faster access to information

Engageware, the leading provider of customer engagement solutions, today announced that Natco Credit Union successfully launched Engageware’s Customer Self-Service solution to provide members with continuous support across digital channels, ensuring members can easily and quickly find information on the credit union’s website. Customer Self-Service will be integrated into online and mobile banking in the near future. Headquartered in Richmond, Ind., Natco has approximately $144 million in assets, more than 16,000 members and three branch locations.

According to Natco, the credit union’s mission is ‘Helping People Live Better Lives.’ In addition to providing traditional financial tools and services, the credit union is committed to fully supporting its members achieve more, and live better lives. To help further this mission, the credit union has partnered with Engageware to develop and deploy a sophisticated member engagement strategy to ensure every member interaction is seamless, frictionless, and consistent regardless of the touchpoint or delivery channel.

“Engageware’s Appointment Scheduling solution has added tremendous value to both our employees and most importantly, our members,” said Karen Houser, Director of Marketing, Natco Credit Union. “We recognized the next logical step was to further extend the ability to self-serve and partnered with Engageware to launch a more robust Customer Self-Service solution that enables our members to easily find information and complete transactions in a few simple clicks, and at a time and place that is most convenient to their schedule. Engageware’s in-depth understanding of our operations and the industry as a whole was a real game changer and we are proud to consider them an extension of our team.”

Previously, the credit union successfully deployed Engageware’s Appointment Scheduling solution, making it easy for members to connect with the right resource at a time and place that is most convenient to their schedule. The addition of Customer Self-Service further advances the credit union’s member engagement strategy, ensuring team members can connect and communicate with members in the most efficient manner possible. Members can complete transactions in a self-service environment, as well as easily access the most updated information, which is easily managed on the credit union’s end to ensure accuracy and consistency across channels.

For more than 20 years, Engageware has partnered with 200+ leading credit unions to help them to reach their goals. The company’s extensive experience working in the financial services industry combined with its in-depth knowledge of the unique challenges faced by credit unions has proven invaluable in terms of helping credit unions better engage members, improve operational efficiencies and more quickly achieve success in today’s increasingly competitive market.

“The shift to digital banking has created more member questions and increased the need to provide continuous support to members across all digital channels,” said Nina Vellayan, CEO of Engageware. “Natco understands that simply providing a plethora of information on a website isn’t enough – members expect to be able to find the answer to any question they may have in a matter of one or two clicks. They expect immediate availability 24/7 regardless of their preferred channel. Having both Engageware’s Appointment Scheduling and Customer Self-Service solutions gives Natco a competitive edge. It ensures its current members’ needs are met seamlessly, and it attracts the next generation of members. In today’s increasingly competitive market, member engagement is no longer a nice-to-have, it is crucial to the future success of credit unions.”

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