Neon Flux welcomes Mathieu Champigny as CEO

The seasoned business leader brings a wealth of experience and an impeccable track record to pioneer Neon Flux's path to unprecedented success
Neon Flux

Neon Flux, well-known for accelerating the growth of consumer brands and scaling them to new heights through its proprietary technology, data and ecommerce infrastructure, opens a fresh chapter with the induction of Mathieu Champigny as CEO.

Bringing to the table over two decades of extensive business experience and a solid educational background in Engineering coupled with an MBA in International Business Management, Champigny is adept at steering ambitious agencies and investments to success. His career showcases considerable time at the forefront of firms such as CoCreativ, Industrial Color, and Globaledit. He has worked with clients like L’Oreal, Estée Lauder, Christie’s, Tumi, Ralph Lauren, Tiffany & Co., Target, Warner Brothers, Showtime, Bose, HP, etc.

Champigny carries a legacy of leading an agency group to rank amongst the top 10 agencies in a short span of four years, a testimony to his adept leadership and strategic foresight.

“Mathieu has a nuanced understanding of both team and client dynamics, blending strategy, sales, marketing, legal, and finance to create well-rounded solutions,” said Adam Wellington, Founder and outgoing CEO of Neon Flux. He praised Champigny’s ability to navigate complex scenarios including creative pitches, investor relations, and technology innovations.

Looking ahead, Champigny envisions a Neon Flux characterized by innovation and forward-thinking, a place where mentorship nurtures personal growth while steering the company to a future rich with opportunities. “My role here is dual-faceted – nurturing talent and spearheading Neon Flux to a landscape laden with fresh and innovative solutions to scale” shares Champigny, indicating his readiness to take on this role with a holistic approach. “I am joining Neon Flux at the most interesting time, looking at exponential growth and when DTC brands recognize the need for brand accelerators to fuel their growth”, says Champigny.

Welcoming his successor, Wellington noted, “Mathieu embodies the spirit and vision that aligns with our mission, ushering in a period of robust growth and renewal for Neon Flux.”

During Wellington’s tenure, Neon Flux transformed into a name synonymous with innovation, creating a distinctive mark in the direct-to-consumer marketing space. This includes scaling a company from $0 to $24 million in under a year; generating $1 million in revenue for a brand in just one week; building a new product from zero to 60,000 subscriptions in less than one year; and increasing a brand’s revenue by more than 300% in just one month.

As Wellington takes on the mantle of Chief Revenue Officer, the organization stands robust, eager to venture into the new growth horizons under Champigny’s guidance, who promises a blend of experience, insight, and visionary leadership.

“We are on the cusp of a future replete with possibilities, aiming to carve out a legacy where Neon Flux equates to excellence and forward-thinking,” Champigny articulates, showcasing a confident roadmap for the path ahead.

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