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Netstock Unveils Enhanced Integrated Business Planning Solution

Its updated user interface provides a new look while maintaining the robust and flexible functionality embraced by businesses globally to plan and forecast with confidence

Netstock, a leading provider of predictive supply chain planning software for small- and medium-sized businesses, today unveiled the updated user interface of its Integrated Business Planning solution (Predictor IBP). Matching the look and feel of Netstock’s powerful tech stack of business planning and inventory management capabilities, the Predictor IBP user interface has been modernized and upgraded for seamless functionality and displays.

Netstock’s Predictor IBP accelerates business performance by breaking down siloed working practices and facilitating Sales and Operations Planning (S&OP) in one solution. It offers advanced demand and supply planning capabilities, giving users access to enhanced forecasting accuracy, streamlined enterprise coordination, and optimized inventory and capacity planning. Predictor IBP is equipped with proprietary analytic technologies, Pivot Forecasting® and Pivot Planning®, that deliver unmatched planning functionality and scalability.

“In this update, we’re not changing the soul of this solution — we’re upgrading its look and feel to meet the evolving needs of today’s small- and medium-sized businesses,” said Barry Kukkuk, Chief Technology Officer and Co-founder of Netstock. “Many customers that use Predictor IBP are migrating away from spreadsheets and searching for a powerful planning tool that gives them more flexibility and visibility than ever before. Netstock’s customers want and need this solution, so we’re investing in it.”

For over 15 years, customers globally have used Netstock’s Predictor IBP to increase supply chain efficiencies and improve profitability. One major manufacturer and online distribution company integrated Netstock IBP into its business operations and saw a write-off reduction to approximately $300,000 annually. The company’s planners also minimized time spent working on orders and dedicated more time to strategically balancing supply, demand, and capacity.

The Predictor IBP update aligns with the company’s mission of providing best-in-class business, supply and demand planning software to SMBs worldwide. Earlier this year, Netstock launched Excess Redistribution, an innovative new feature within Predictor Inventory Advisor (Predictor IA) that empowers businesses to instantly identify and redistribute excess inventory. To read more about the Netstock IBP solution, click here.

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