New AdGPT Version for Smb Ad Creatives

AdGPT's V01 transforms creative output generation with precise ad previews and enhanced conversion rates

AdGPT, the world’s first fully automated ad creative tool for SMBs, announced the launch of version V01 following a successful BETA phase. V01 transforms the way creative outputs are generated and displayed, ensuring complete alignment with the final results across all major platforms, including Facebook, LinkedIn, Google, X, Outbrain and Taboola.

AdGPT users can preview ads exactly as they will appear on a client’s ad account. In addition, users can access the latest data on high-performing ads. AdGPT has been trained on recent and proven effective ads, resulting in a significant improvement in conversion rates. Early adopters have reported that the conversion rate for ads created with V01 has increased by 18% compared to those produced with the previous version.

“AdGPT is thrilled to be rolling out our newest version after a whirlwind month since we launched out of stealth,” said Eilon Zarmon, CEO and cofounder at AdGPT. “We’re determined to take some of the marketing burden off the shoulders of SMBs. By automating the ad creative process, and now, guaranteeing that what users see during the creation process is an exact match to the live ad, we are enabling business owners to maximize their ad spend and effectively take control of their entire digital advertising toolbox.”

Additionally, AdGPT V01 has a simplified download process. Users can now download ads, including text and images, with a single click, streamlining the workflow and saving valuable time.

“AdGPT has been a real eye opener for us and what is possible in terms of managing our own digital advertising efforts, no longer needing to invest significant resources in outsourcing creatives,” said Tal Bracha, cofounder at Tredix. “AdGPT is providing us with tools that not only make us much more efficient but also highly effective in driving positive results for our business.”

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