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New Benchmarking Tool Released to Improve Marketing Results

Launch of new Marketing Work Management benchmarking tool offers marketers insight into improvement areas ahead of the Adobe Summit - The Digital Conference 2021
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CapabilitySource is launching a new Marketing Work Management Benchmarking Tool to assist marketing leaders in determining their strengths and weaknesses within the marketing operations scope.

The benchmark tool was created to help marketers identify current work management capabilities and their ‘can-be’ optimizations. Anyone representing the CMO who wants to improve their marketing efficiency, effectiveness, new customer acquisition and existing customer retention should take the benchmark to assess their current state and identify improvement solutions.

The personalized assessment is composed of four main categories: People, Process, Technology and Information. These categories are based on CapabilitySource’s PPtI enterprise marketing model that simplifies the path to improving marketing capabilities.

“Marketing leaders must understand their strengths and weakness, current quality of work, marketing processes and performance in order to improve them,” CapabilitySource CEO Glenn Coward said.

Once the free assessment is complete, results are broken down by business recommendations and technology recommendations. Each of these results provide personalized suggestions to achieve the optimal level of performance.

“For any company looking to modernize and adopt new solutions for reducing costs, a benchmark before that happens is essential so that you know how to measure improvement along the way. You can also increase team engagement and collaboration around shared pain points and improvement opportunities,” Coward said.

“The Marketing Work Management Benchmark Tool developed by CapabilitySource provides marketers insight into the current status of their work management capabilities. The Benchmark informs users on how to optimize their organizational structure, processes, technologies and performance data. While planning for the Summit, users who leverage this can schedule related sessions and workshops that better meet their organizational needs,” said Brent Nixon, Head of Partners & Alliances, Workfront Business Unit.

The benchmark tool provides tangible insights for marketing operational leaders looking to focus their improvement efforts in areas of high-quality work, elimination of rework, effective processes, strategic planning, efficient execution and streamlined work.

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