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New Breed announces major upgrades to Distributely

New capabilities unlock revenue and time for users of the HubSpot-certified routing and distribution app
New Breed

New Breed, the revenue performance management partner for the world’s fastest-growing companies, today announced major upgrades to Distributely, its groundbreaking lead routing and distribution automation app. The first lead distribution application designed expressly for HubSpot users, Distributely now streamlines the process of assigning new leads, deals, and companies as well as support tickets to the sales and service representatives best suited to follow up on them. This combination helps businesses scale by reducing overhead expenses, improving their customer experience, and shortening their sales cycle.

The upgraded application has also been named a Certified App in the HubSpot marketplace, reflecting its ability to meet HubSpot’s stringent requirements for security, privacy, reliability, performance, usability, accessibility, and value.

Distributely will be delivered to New Breed customers through its integrated Platform of tech-enabled services, as well as a-la-carte through a new and more flexible pricing model, which now includes a free tier to better enable scaling businesses to experience its benefits.

Engineered to address direct user feedback and common challenges growing teams face, Distributely’s new features reflect New Breed’s continued commitment to supporting all aspects of revenue growth for its clients, as well as its investment into improving the overall HubSpot experience through tech-enabled applications that automate and enhance existing HubSpot functionality.

“We’re very excited to have New Breed earn the certified integration designation,” said Scott Brinker, VP of platform ecosystem at HubSpot. “Their investment in product quality adds meaningful value to the HubSpot ecosystem and we’re thrilled to have them onboard.”

“Distributely delivers a level of workflow automation that previously hasn’t been possible on HubSpot, and now helps streamline operations across the customer experience,” said Patrick Biddiscombe, CEO of New Breed. “By building it in direct response to what scaling teams need to grow, and ensuring it meets HubSpot’s stringent requirements for quality and value, we’re taking a big step forward toward our vision to revolutionize how companies grow on HubSpot.”

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