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New Cargo Shipping App by Continuus Tech on Snowflake Marketplace

Joint customers can now predict exposure of global cargo shipping and sector supply chain and network exposure with Continuus Cargo Shipping App.

Continuus Technologies announced at Snowflake’s annual user conference, Snowflake Data Cloud Summit 2024, that it has launched the Continuus Cargo Shipping Container App using Factset Shipping and RBICS Datafeed on Snowflake Marketplace. Availability on Snowflake Marketplace will enable joint customers to respond and adjust exposure to potential supply chain issues surrounding shipments into United States ports.

“In today’s world, you cannot read the news without seeing a headline about shipping and supply chain risk,” explains Matt Moeser, Founder and CEO of Continuus Technologies. “Using cutting edge LLMs easily available in Snowflake Cortex, Continuus normalized free descriptive text from cargo shipping manifests to sector and industry codes. Building the link between the text data and normalized sector and industry codes would be extremely challenging without this technology. Continuus is excited to deliver this in an easy-to-use Streamlit app from our Native App Studio team. ”

Continuus and Snowflake, the AI Data Cloud company, are working together to help joint customers streamline operations, inform business decisions and drive innovations by creating compelling views tracking maritime shipping transactions from bills of lading. Shipping transaction descriptions are then mapped to industry networks using Snowflake’s AI features and linked to shippers and consignees to allow firms to easily identify shipping risks and exposures.

“Continuus’s Cargo Shipping Container App highlights the transformative power of data in today’s complex business landscape. By utilizing Snowflake Cortex, Continuus has streamlined the process of normalizing and analyzing cargo shipping data, providing joint customers with actionable insights to mitigate supply chain risks,” said Kieran Kennedy, Snowflake’s Head of Marketplace. “This partnership exemplifies our shared commitment to empowering businesses with the tools they need to make better-informed decisions and drive innovation.”

From regional views to specific ports, the Continuus Cargo Shipping App enables users to discover granular details about the contents and potential sector impacts. Joint customers can now leverage the Continuus Cargo Shipping App on Snowflake Marketplace, allowing them to get a running start on their data analysis with a flexible view and mapping of descriptive shipping manifest data.

“FactSet’s Maritime Shipping and industry leading RBICS industry classification data come together in the Continuus Cargo Shipping App to answer a very topical and complex risk question,” said Rob Long, Director at FactSet. “We’re excited to partner with Continuus to enable users to better understand the complexities of Cargo Shipping and help users approach sector exposure.”

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