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New Enhancements for Digital Commerce Added to Vendavo

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To help organizations adapt to a disrupted business environment and support their sales team with digital commerce capabilities at a time when quick, convenient transactions are optimal, Vendavo, the market leader in commercial excellence solutions, today announced Enhancements for Commercial Agility in Vendavo CPQ Cloud.

“Sales efficiency is critically important today, but unnecessary discounting to get a deal done often has longer-term negative consequences on an organization’s profitability,” said Alex Hoff, Senior Vice President, Product Management, Vendavo. “Vendavo CPQ Cloud has now been maximized for commercial agility and digital commerce capabilities to support B2B sales teams in their frequently complex and multi-channel negotiations.”

Vendavo Configure, Price, Quote (CPQ) Cloud is a SaaS solution that enables the enterprise to coordinate, control and streamline their quote-to-cash processes by making sure sales teams have the right product, for the right customer, at the right price, for every situation. Vendavo CPQ Cloud enhancements for commercial agility enable better customer experiences and maximize revenue and profit across sales channels through a completely digital selling solution.

What’s new in Vendavo CPQ Cloud:

  • Price agreements 2.0 delivers additional negotiation tools including administration by deal types and product, hierarchy selection/family discounting at runtime, line item date splicing and volume/tiered discounting capabilities.
  • Custom entities in CPQ allow additional information into your CPQ environment such as shipping locations and freight calculations which can be stored and used beyond customer properties as well as sync + load records from an external source and queries against custom table data.
  • Enterprise grade integration with SAP Sales Cloud and enterprise extensibility with continuous API development. This is in addition to the existing integrations for Salesforce, Microsoft Dynamics, SugarCRM, and Infor.
  • Expanded visualization experiences embedded in the entire quoting process, from a worldwide partnership with ThreeKit, a leader in 3D and augmented reality visualization capabilities.

To learn more about how to meet rising customer expectations while making improvements to profitability, join the webcast and demo on September 2, CPQ Cloud for Commercial Agility and Digital Commerce.

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