New Martech Firm Launches to Support Brand Growth on E-Commerce

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John T. Shea, a former Google and Criteo executive, today announced the formation of Momentum Commerce, a modern Digital Retail Consultancy. Momentum Commerce offers an integrated model of five technology-enabled services for Manufacturer and Direct-to-Consumer (DTC) brands — including data services, consumer insights, strategy consulting, creative services, and retail media management.

Momentum Commerce will support brands on all major digital retail platforms with a specialization on Amazon, Instacart,, and The firm launches with the force of a twelve-person landing team and the support of ten clients spanning hardline, softline, and consumable categories.

Shea, who spent the last three years advising brands as the Chief Growth Officer of an Amazon Advertising software platform, says, “The market is in flux.  2020’s accelerated adoption of digital retail has upended traditional patterns of brand discovery, transaction, loyalty, and competition. This poses an existential challenge for traditional manufacturer brands that have historically gone to market through brick-and-mortar retailers; they are feverishly working to upgrade their digital strategy, capabilities, and capacity. At the same time, so much product discovery has migrated from Google and Facebook to the big digital retailers – that you also have all the scrappy DTC brands that were born on Shopify scrambling to figure out marketplace selling and retail media.”

“Many of these brands are unprepared for a future where the product ranking algorithms of Amazon, Instacart, Walmart, and Target are the primary gateways to their consumers,” says Jay McQuillan, Chief Technology Officer of Momentum Commerce.  “We’re building solutions to help them succeed in this new environment.”

Momentum Commerce is structured to address three macro trends that will reshape the global economy over the next decade — the rise of ECommerce and its extension across categories,  the evaporation of competitive moats as Chinese suppliers and upstart brands challenge incumbents, and the rapid proliferation of retail media networks.

Momentum Commerce has already engaged with a number of manufacturer and DTC brands and will announce more about its founding team, investors, technology roadmap, and client partnerships in the coming months. Learn more at

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