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New Research from Marketing Architects Discovers TV Attribution Gaps

TV advertising agency Marketing Architects finds most TV advertisers are concerned about campaign attribution in recent survey.
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63% of TV advertisers doubt their ability to measure TV’s impact accurately.

Despite being one of the most effective marketing channels, TV advertising is hard to measure. It’s why, this spring, All-Inclusive TV agency Marketing Architects surveyed more than 300 marketers to understand how they thought about TV attribution.

Not only did they find nearly two-thirds of TV advertisers lack confidence in their results, but 45% say either linear or CTV is the hardest channel to measure in their media mix. Half of TV advertisers say difficulty measuring TV has led them to invest more in other channels.

The good news for Marketing Architects is that they’ve spent years developing a suite of measurement tools to address attribution concerns. Today, the agency offers micro-attribution, on-site surveys, incrementality testing, media mix modeling (MMM), brand studies, unique reach analysis, and more. The agency even built their own reach and frequency model, TruReach, to help clients better understand their campaigns.

To decide which models are right for them, advertisers collaborate with Marketing Architects’ analytics team and build custom measurement plans based on campaign goals.

Marketing Architects also partners with industry-leading technology companies like Innovid and Samba TV to access automatic content recognition (ACR) technology and support comprehensive reach analysis.

“As TV advertising is held to a higher standard of accountability, reliable attribution becomes even more crucial,” says Jordan Rossler, Director of Analytics at Marketing Architects. “Our data-first, multiple-models approach helps us determine results with confidence.”

Campaign reporting and TV attribution, including access to the tools made possible through external partnerships, are provided to Marketing Architects’ clients at no cost, thanks to the agency’s All-Inclusive TV model.

More survey findings—and recommended solutions—can be found in the agency’s new report “Everything Wrong with TV Measurement.”

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