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New Research Proves the Ongoing Power of the SMS Message

New Research

Business communications provider, Esendex, surveyed 1,000 consumers across the UK and Ireland as part of The Connected Consumer Report 2024, to understand communications behaviour, engagement and trust levels, and channel preferences.

Just 5.7% of respondents said they were most likely to ignore an SMS message from a business or delivery provider, while over a third (34%) said they would disregard a social media message.

SMS communications also ranked more favourably than email (7.7%), letters (14.8%), phone calls (17.4%), and WhatsApp (20.4%).

Exploring how people interact with SMS, 88% divulged that they rely on automated reminders for restaurant bookings or medical appointments. This will be positive news for those looking for ways to reduce no-shows and last minute cancellations.

And, as the debate continues around Gen Z’s communication preferences, rich content that uses different media formats including sound, video, or image, emerged as a key way to reach younger audiences.

Nearly half (48.7%) of 18 to 24-year-olds reported that rich content in an SMS or WhatsApp message would make them more likely to engage with an organisation, while only 21.5% of those aged over 54 felt the same.

Commenting on the report, Richard Hanscott, CEO of Esendex said:

“In a competitive market, businesses need to ensure they’re using the right channels to target customers – meeting them where they are to help maximise engagement.

“It’s been three decades since the first text message was sent but, as our survey shows, the SMS message still holds the biggest sway as consumers’ favourite communication channel. Ease, speed, and accessibility, are all the reasons why.

“An SMS message naturally allows two-way communication between a business and its customers, strengthening the relationship over time. While other channels are still valuable means of connecting with customers, each holding their own advantage, this research proves that SMS is here to stay.”

To view the full findings of Esendex’s survey, read the report

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