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New RVEM Launching Winning Informational Network

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RV Executives Mastermind (RVEMbringing Breakthrough Innovative RV Retail Strategies and It’s 100% formatted for interactive discussion, offering participants and network members the opportunity to proactively engage on proposed topics of discussion, share ideas through a presentation, and exchange dynamically with a diversified set of representatives. This Disruptive Think Tank is a Free Membership Base to ensure exclusivity and comfort.

Members will have access to E-Learning, conferences, podcasts, exclusive network, and content (education, training, tools, templates, checklists, reports, forecasts, a wide range of resources, etc.)

RVEM is organized by Kristina Shrider, Head of Marketing at Giant Recreation World and a member of the RVDA Young Executives group. And already have strong team of contributors.

“Our Mission is to make the most effective utilization of our prior experiences, both good and bad, to benefit dealerships in escalating and expanding their business and taking advantage of brand-new business opportunities. We serve RV retailers, technology, manufacturers, service providers, and Vendors. The goal of RVEM is to bring together a community where dealership managers, vendors, and others can discuss the RV industry’s current opportunities and challenges,” Shrider said. “The podcast will cover topics that to help retain current customers as well as grow and promote RV Lifestyle!  We have a big plan and today is a beginning. I hope that everyone will join us.” Let’s Go!

Shrider’s podcast plans include a series of guests to provide insights into the RV market and examine emerging trends from other industries that apply to RV retailing. “There are many consumer podcasts and videos devoted to RV travel or how to use an RV. RVEM will focus on those of us interested in growing on the marketing, sales, ops, and customer support side of this great business.”

The first guests scheduled for the inaugural RVEM Podcast are RVDA President Phil Ingrassia and Larry McNamara of Giant Recreation World. The podcast is available at The podcast is available free to the industry.

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