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New Sales Intelligence Software lands on Salesforce AppExchange

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Consensus, pioneer of intelligent demo automation for Presales, has landed on the Salesforce AppExchange. Users of the popular Presales tool can now enjoy a Salesforce-vetted integration with the world’s leading CRM, empowering Sales + Presales teams to track influence and ROI across the entire org.

The AppExchange hosts more than 5,000 technology solutions but very few of these are targeted directly at Presales teams, who’s high training requirement and historically personnel-heavy approach has stumped B2B innovators for years.

Consensus demo automation has exploded onto the scene with adopters from large enterprises like SAP to mid-market presales teams looking to compete with the bigger players. Presales teams use these interactive video demos as chameleon assets that provide an on-demand, customized experience for each viewer. This forms the backbone of the Demo Qualified Lead (DQL) strategy that has resulted in a 95% qualification rate for Presales teams that implement, versus the median qualification rate of 70% reported in the industry.

The inclusion of an interactive video demo platform like Consensus on the AppExchange allows Salesforce customers to easily adopt demo automation technology that meets Salesforce’s high standards for security and data protection.

“We’re very excited to have achieved this milestone,” said Garin Hess, Founder and CEO of Consensus. “The vetting process is rigorous, but the convenience and insights that this integration provides to our Salesforce customers are worth the journey.”

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