Newegg Uses ChatGPT to Improve Online Shopping Experience


Newegg Commerce, Inc. (NASDAQ: NEGG), a leading global technology e-commerce retailer, announced today that the company is using ChatGPT to improve its customers’ online shopping experience.

Introduced in November 2022, ChatGPT from OpenAI is a conversational artificial intelligence (AI) program capable of providing information that improves efficiency in myriad situations.

Newegg has started using ChatGPT for:

  • PC Builder shopping tool, which helps customers select components to build a desktop PC
  • Optimizing text content throughout the Newegg website
  • Customer service chat
  • Customer email subject lines
  • Search Engine Optimization

PC Builder

ChatGPT is now included in Newegg’s PC Builder, an online shopping tool launched in June 2020 that helps customers discover compatible parts so they can build a desktop PC system with their preferred specifications and budget. Currently in beta, the AI-based search feature enables customers to enter their desired PC attributes into a search bar for ChatGPT to evaluate and recommend PC component configurations. In addition to ChatGPT search, PC Builder still offers set selections: the intended PC use, processor, graphics card and price range.

Use PC Builder with ChatGPT now:

Website Text

Newegg uses ChatGPT to modify text throughout its site to help customers browse and discover tech products. These functions include suggesting content for product detail page titles, summaries and descriptions.

Customer Service Chat

In Newegg’s customer service chat, ChatGPT can help customers get the best available answers and alert Newegg staff to resolve concerns when necessary. The benefits of using ChatGPT in customer service are using chatbots that more accurately replicate human understanding and interaction, which provides customers with a more informative and satisfying session to resolve their questions and concerns. ChatGPT can handle more customer topics than previous chatbots, which helps customer service representatives save time by focusing on complex customer issues.

Customer Email Subject Lines

Customer email subject lines are generated and tested using ChatGPT to improve open rate. The AI suggests subject lines based on analytical data for consideration.

Search Engine Optimization

For Newegg’s search engine optimization (SEO), ChatGPT helps create on-site text and descriptions that can improve customers’ shopping experiences by generating targeted content. Off-site, ChatGPT provides succinct content welcomed and more friendly for search engines like Google and Bing, helping customers navigate to the best Newegg product pages.

“We’re always evaluating our e-commerce technology to ensure we’re providing the best customer experience. Through testing, we’ve proven that ChatGPT has a practical use for Newegg based on the added quality and efficiency it creates,” said Lucy Huo, Vice President of Application Development for Newegg. “We deployed ChatGPT to improve content both on-site and off-site to help customers find what they want and elevate their experience. AI doesn’t replace employees, but it adds resources so employees are available to handle more complex projects. We’re still in the early phases of AI but the benefits for e-commerce may be substantial.”

“Our customers are among the population’s most knowledgeable regarding the latest technology because they assemble often complex tech products. Customers should expect Newegg to deploy the most advanced technology for their shopping experience and ChatGPT currently enables this,” Huo said.

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