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Nextatlas Unveils Generate Suite


Nextatlas proudly announces the launch of Generate Suite, an advanced conversational AI designed to revolutionize market research. This cutting-edge tool empowers businesses to leverage AI for deep insights into market trends, consumer behaviors, and innovation scenarios.

Since 2012, Nextatlas has been a pioneer in utilizing technology to analyze social media data, online content from hundred of thousands of early adopters and innovators, and other sources to identify and continuously track emerging trends and changing consumer behaviors. Generate Suite integrates this robust analysis with GPT-4o’s generative AI technology, offering businesses an unparalleled ability to visualize future markets and understand consumer behavior instantly. By conversing with Generate, users can quickly identify research foundations, test hypotheses, and comprehend end-user needs.

Generate Suite stands out from typical chat companions by offering a suite of specialized AI agents, marking a significant leap in market research capabilities. These autonomous systems streamline traditionally time-consuming tasks, enabling businesses to achieve market research goals and strategic planning with unprecedented efficiency. Generate Suite’s agents, such as the Persona Generator Agent and the Sentiment Pulse Agent, provide fully automated workflows that address essential market research needs.

Luca Morena, CEO of Nextatlas, expressed his enthusiasm about the launch: “AI is not just evolving; it’s fundamentally changing how we predict and act on trends. With Generate Suite, we’ve harnessed generative AI to turbocharge our real-time data analysis, creating a suite of AI strategist agents that are nothing short of revolutionary. These tools don’t just analyze trends—they anticipate them, offering businesses the insights needed to act swiftly and smartly. Powered by the robust Nextatlas platform, Generate Suite is set to become an indispensable ally in navigating fast-paced market dynamics.”

To experience the power of AI-driven market research, Nextatlas offers a 3-day free trial of Generate Suite. Visit for more details.

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