Nfinite announces findings of its independent research

  • 88% of retailers say product imagery is critical to their 2022 holiday season e-commerce success
  • 91% of retailers confirm the positive impact of great product imagery across all online performance metrics

Nfinite, the leader in 3D visualization and e-merchandising for retailers, today announced the first in a series of findings of its independent research into the opinions and expectations of retail executives around online product imagery in e-commerce and consumer engagement.

Key research findings highlight that images are crucial to driving next-level customer engagement during the holiday season. However, 85% of retailers report that while they have creative ideas for improving product imagery, it’s too expensive to turn these ideas into reality.

Retailers struggling to deliver effective product visuals for the holiday season

Most respondents [66%] reported that Cyber Monday was significant, but it’s become an extension of Black Friday with time. This holiday season, they are challenged to deliver image assets. Approximately 30 different images are required per product.

  • Typical photoshoot budgets are over $500,000 per year, and 68% say they regularly go over budget.
  • 31% know they won’t have all the image assets they want and will have to make do
  • 28% are scrambling to get the image assets they want and believe it will ‘come down to the wire.’
  • 5% are still uncertain as they are waiting on other teams.
3D Retail is key to unlocking holiday season sales

In terms of how CGI and 3D imagery can transform their online sales and e-commerce capabilities, retailers reported the following:

  • 91% agree that great imagery has a clear positive impact across performance metrics.
  • 89% said images have an emotional impact that is more important than the reviews, descriptions, and other rational inputs used in purchase decisions.
  • 88% believe product imagery is a key part of their 2022 Black Friday and Cyber Monday strategy.
  • 87% said CGI and 3D image creation are necessary technologies to deliver their product visualization strategy.

“This research shows that as retailers evolve from physical stores to the digital sphere, the production process of product visuals requires new technology,” said Nfinite founder and CEO Alexandre de Vigan. “Retailers shifting to 3D visuals over traditional photography will help deliver stronger visual e-commerce shopping akin to in-store experiences this holiday season. This year, allowing customers to have a more engaging virtual brand experience through interactive images rather than static photos will transform e-commerce outcomes.”

Research Methodology

A total of 104 qualified individuals from the United States completed the survey conducted by Dimensional Research. All were VP or C-level executives working at a retail company with more than 1,000 employees. All had responsibility for online sales, with decision-making responsibility for product images or e-commerce merchandising.

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