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NielsenIQ Launches Omnichannel Sales Data

Emerging brands now have a single view of online, in-store, delivery and pickup performance through NielsenIQ’s Byzzer platform

Today, Byzzer by NielsenIQ, a data intelligence platform developed to help emerging brands drive growth and win market share, announced the availability of Omnisales data for users of its platform. The new reporting functionality provides emerging and growth (small and mid-sized) brands with the intelligence they need to navigate the challenges of omnichannel behaviors and shopping.

Emerging brands can now access several pre-built, easy-to-use reports that—for the first time—incorporate NielsenIQ’s in-depth Omnisales data into its Byzzer platform. These reports can help emerging brands compare total brand performance in-store and online (including via click-and-collect and third-party delivery) against competing brands, identify where sales are growing most in which channels, and accurately uncover total category and sub-brand performance online, in-store, and more.

“As we approach Small Business Saturday, the inclusion of Omnisales data into the Byzzer platform is another example of how we are helping emerging brands grow their business in an evolving and highly competitive retail landscape,” said Andrew Criezis, SVP and General Manager of NielsenIQ, Emerging Brands. “We recognize the needs of our small business partners and have developed the tools and reliable reporting they can use to excel not only on November 26 but every day of the year.”

For emerging brands with limited budgets, NielsenIQ’s Byzzer platform helps level the playing field with three key reports to learn from:

  • Omnisales Performance Report: A complete, single view of online and in-store performance at the brand and category levels enables manufacturers to broadly understand what’s driving sales growth in each channel and how that differs between markets.
  • The Growth Comparison Report: A graphical representation of the total market sales across channels, providing manufacturers a look into whether sales growth is coming from one primary channel or sub-market, for example, and identifying where sales growth is originating for selected brands. It also looks at which brands are growing the fastest in each channel relative to their overall sales.
  • Omni Market Comparison Report: A side-by-side comparison of one selected product across up to 10 markets to see how omnichannel performance could impact placement and distribution decisions of a product sold in the selected markets.

Combined, the three reports and Omnisales data available within the Byzzer platform offer emerging brands a verifiable data set for precise and accurate measurements across online and offline channels, keying in on how consumers shop today and optimizing sales growth within a fragmented marketplace.

“Consumers today move across channels as part of their buying journey—researching online, ordering for curbside pickup, combining in-store pickup with more in-store browsing, and it varies by product and brand,” said Criezis. “Consumers buy differently by channel and respond differently to pricing, promotions, pack size, and other factors. To compete with the largest brands in every category, emerging brands need to understand sales performance across every possible channel.”

Expanding the omnichannel data set for brands

Last year, NielsenIQ unveiled its Omnisales data solution, providing CPG brands with a toolset that integrates NielsenIQ’s point-of-sale (POS) retail measurement data, online sales data (including Amazon), pickup and delivery data, and more. NielsenIQ Omnisales is a modern data solution for modern brands, fully integrated online and in-store sales data in one place. The data is meticulously deduplicated and offers a proprietary multi-channel view that saves brands time and delivers highly accurate insights into consumer behavior.

Supporting the success of emerging brands

NielsenIQ introduced its Byzzer platform last May, a first-of-its-kind platform to provide actionable insights that help small and emerging consumer packaged goods brands within food, beauty, pet, alcoholic beverages and more to address their unique needs. As emerging brands strive to gain a larger share of the total CPG market, NielsenIQ and Byzzer provide actionable retail data and analytics that now cover a complete view of omnichannel shopping behavior.

For more information about Byzzer and the Omnisales data now available on the platform, please visit our Omni Solutions page for emerging and growth brands.

To speak with Andrew Criezis of NielsenIQ about how Omnisales data is helping lift emerging brands, please contact

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