Nishtech and GO2 Partners Announce Strategic Partnership


Nishtech, a full-service ecommerce and digital experience consultancy, and GO2 Partners, a provider of customized marketing and operational solutions, have announced a partnership. The two organizations will collaborate to deliver FLEX Product Information Management, an innovative and powerful platform for managing and distributing product data.

FLEX is a cloud-based product information management system (PIM) built on Sitecore OrderCloud. This flexible PIM is feature-loaded out of the box and allows marketing and ecommerce teams to organize and manage product data effectively from day one without requiring a developer.

“The real competitive advantage of FLEX is its ability to eliminate complex processes for keeping data in sync,” says Phil Russell, Chief Technology Officer at GO2 Partners. “Companies can easily create the perfect data model and align it to their organizational structure — storing their data once, and then using it virtually anywhere.”

This new partnership underlines Nishtech’s expertise in delivering robust ecommerce and product management solutions that help businesses future-proof their commerce strategies, and GO2 Partners’ proven ability to deliver a competitive advantage to clients by building strategic programs that enhance efficiency through innovation.

“Because FLEX is built on OrderCloud, it’s a natural fit for companies undergoing digital transformations with ecommerce,” said Suresh Devanan, Founder and CEO of Nishtech. “We are excited to introduce this offering as part of a composable ecommerce solution that will greatly benefit companies that are selling B2B through distribution, or for companies that are utilizing online marketplaces to manage inventory for franchisees or distributors.”

This partnership builds on the strength and experience of both companies in the B2B/B2C/Marketplace ecommerce space and promises to provide significant added value for companies looking to increase sales through improved efficiencies in ecommerce and product data management.

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