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NoCap Inks Livestreaming Partnership With Third String Entertainment

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Home of global livestream experiences, NoCap, launches a partnership with independent events promoter, Third String Entertainment. Leader and innovator in the livestreaming sector of the entertainment industry, NoCap becomes sole host of Third String Entertainment’s streaming endeavors. The partnership combines NoCap’s globally reaching platform with Third String Entertainment’s esteemed talent in event promotion. Their blended expertise will amplify experiences of Third String’s current shows, as well as conceive new, cutting edge activations for live events.

NoCap and Third String’s first collaboration premieres on March 11th at 7PM CST featuring alternative musician, grandson. The platinum-certified artist’s performance will stream live from Dallas’ Cross Faded Barber Shop and showcase his talent blending elements of rock and roll, hip hop, and electronic music. Fans will get an exclusive experience of grandson’s extensive list of chart topping singles like “Blood // Water” as well as his debut album, Death Of An Optimist. Grandson’s one of a kind livestream is just the beginning of a long line of spectacular events to come from Third String Entertainment and NoCap’s partnership.

Third String Entertainment founder, Mike Ziemer, shares more on his partnership vision with NoCap founder and CEO, Cisco Adler“I chose to work with NoCap because I know that Cisco sees opportunities with the same vision I do. As passionate people that wear many hats in this industry, we both look at every angle of an event and how to make it the best possible experience for the artist, the fan at home, and the fan attending in person.”

Ziemer adds, “Working with NoCap is going to be more than setting up cameras and broadcasting an event, we plan to go much deeper behind the scenes of what it takes to put together So What?! Music Festival. I’m very much looking forward to having the ability to show artists, fans, aspiring promoters, and the industry what goes into bringing our biggest vision to life.” VP of Talent at NoCap, Rob Owens, enthusiastically agrees, “I am excited to see NoCap partner with Third String Entertainment to bring their diverse collection of shows to the NoCap platform.”

Third String Entertainment is a multi-faceted entertainment company that produces events and festivals in the US, provides marketing in all industries, and offers recording and creative services. NoCap is both a platform and promoter of premium livestream concerts and experiences connecting artists and fans in innovative ways. Third String’s tenacious dedication to their artists mirrors NoCap’s mission to create an engaging global space for artists to connect with their fans, ensuring a prosperous union between the two.

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