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NordPass offers NordPass Authenticator to its business users


On Tuesday, the password management company NordPass announced that its business users are now able to set up two-factor authentication (2FA) for their credentials within the NordPass mobile app, without downloading or checking additional apps. Having patented this technology, NordPass is offering an in-app authenticator that meets the security standard of 2FA by combining multiple authentication factors.

With the latest upgrade to its business solutions, NordPass now serves both as a password manager and authenticator app, providing optional 2FA for any credentials stored on the app. When joining accounts with 2FA-enabled on the NordPass mobile app, the users will be provided with a time-based one-time password (TOTP), valid for only 30 seconds, that can be unlocked with biometrics. This ensures that if an account gets hacked, a password is not enough to pass the security check.

Having patented this technology solution (US Patent No. 11,528,130), NordPass now has NordPass Authenticator available on the mobile app for all NordPass Business accounts. The company announced this feature will soon be available on desktop too.

“While any 2FA is better than no 2FA, using various apps or SMS codes for a second layer of security is rather complex and time-consuming for the user. It is no surprise that hackers use these downsides to their advantage — it has become increasingly popular to annoy internet users with many 2FA requests until they approve authentication out of confusion,” says Karolis Arbaciauskas, the head of business development at NordPass.

According to Arbaciauskas, NordPass Authenticator helps businesses avoid such external threats. To unlock the TOTP set up on a specific account, NordPass requires a combination of a master password and biometric confirmation — fingerprint or Face ID.

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