NowVertical Group Announces Social Insights Partnership


NowVertical Group Inc. (TSX-V: NOW) (“NOW” or the “Company”), a big data, analytics and vertical intelligence (“VI”) software and solutions company is pleased to announce the creation of a new partnership with Talkwalker Inc.(“Talkwalker”) through its NOW Affinio business unit, which is intended to provide audience insights for marketing teams. NOW is also pleased to announce the official launch of a new shopper insights product in conjunction with Ibotta, Inc. (“Ibotta”) to leverage turnkey shopping analytics to understand motivations, unravel trends, and decode elements of shopper behavior in seconds.

NOW Affinio and Talkwalker – Driving Real-Time Social Insights

Through a strategic partnership with Talkwalker, the consumer intelligence company, NOW is pleased to announce that NOW Affinio and Talkwalker are working together to round out strategy for marketing and PR teams looking to maximize campaign impacts and ROI. Combining the power of Talkwalker’s social listening and consumer intelligence with NOW’s affinity-based segmentation and personification will help customers tackle deep analysis in real-time, enabling brands to visualize the pulse of thousands of real-life ‘respondents’ without the time delay and bias associated with traditional surveys, polls, and panels. The resulting understandings provide practical tools for gauging the size of the most vocal voices, identifying specific interests, and revealing where to reach engaged audiences.

“We are excited to be partnering with an innovative company as innovative as NOW Affinio in bringing the real power of social intelligence to our customers,” said Jake Gardner, VP of Ecosystem Development at Talkwalker. “As brands and marketers seek to reach engaged audiences to enhance their reach and maximize the impact for their messages when used in tandem, our solutions make deep analysis actionable in real-time.”

NOW Affinio and Ibotta – Shopping Analytics in Seconds

NOW also announced today the launch of a new NOW Affinio solution in partnership with Ibotta, allowing subscribers to access turnkey shopping analytics generated by more than five million U.S. shoppers. Customers using the self-serve platform can access competitive shopper insights, understand motivations, unravel trends, and decode specific elements of shopper behavior in a fraction of the time typically needed when using internal Data Science teams or multiple vendor solutions. NOW’s customers can identify trends among target segments, determine customer loyalty, see which products are leading in their category, and provide basket analysis.

​​”Our partnerships with Talkwalker and Ibotta allow us to collaborate with industry leaders to create new offerings and solutions that meet the needs of our marketing and retail customers. These new products and solutions will help vertically intelligent organizations focus their paid and organic content to better target the consumers that are most receptive to their offering, driving product awareness, sales, and customer retention,” said Daren Trousdell, Chairman and CEO of NOW.

Share Issuance Satisfying Acquisition Obligations

The Company will issue 115,000 subordinate voting shares (“Shares”) to Paddy Byrne (“Mr. Byrne”) at a price of C$0.69 per share, in satisfaction of an existing debt owing from Exonar Ltd. to Mr. Byrne, subject to receipt of the final acceptance from the TSX Venture Exchange. Additionally, as disclosed in the Company’s press release dated July 6, 2022, pursuant to a share purchase agreement dated October 19, 2021, as amended on June 30, 2022, the Company issued an aggregate of 1,561,298 Shares to Whitecap Venture Partners, Round13 Capital and Build Ventures as deferred consideration for the Company’s previously announced acquisition of Affinio Inc. Further details concerning the issuance can be found in NOW’s press release dated July 6, 2022.

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