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nShift: More than 30% of online purchases end up as returns

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Online retailers must offer seamless returns to reflect consumer behavior 

One in three items bought in webshops are returned to the retailer as online shoppers increasingly want to “try before they buy.”

According to the nShift guide, “Delivering to customers and rebuilding loyalty”, retailers need to offer a slick returns experience that can keep pace with evolving consumer expectations. Some 43% of shoppers expect to be able to try on or try out a new item without being committed to paying for it.1

And they are prepared to shop around for the best experience. Some 39% of consumers have changed the brands or retailers they shop with since the onset of the pandemic. They continue to expect more from retailers.2

Lars Pedersen, CEO at nShift, said: “E-commerce sales have boomed over the last two years. Consumer expectations have risen with them. For countless shoppers, the ability to return products easily is part and parcel of the delivery experience they expect. If they were shopping in store they would be able to try on or try out an item before purchasing. They expect the same when buying online.”

nShift is the global leader in delivery management. Its end-to-end delivery management solution enables retailers to take control of their customer experience from checkout to returns. As part of this, nShift can digitize the returns process. This enables retailers to:

  • Optimize the returns shipping process based on geography
  • Quickly scan items back in
  • Automatically process refunds

Crucially, nShift makes it easier to offer exchanges for returned products meaning that more money is likely to stay within the business.

Digitizing the returns process is one of four steps outlined in the nShift guide “Delivering to customers and rebuilding loyalty” to encourage repeat purchases and drive sales. The guide also recommends that retailers:

  • Create a variety of delivery options
  • Automate the book and print process
  • Offer live tracking of parcels and returns

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