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nShift: The CX is more powerful than advertising, say consumers

New guide shows how bringing delivery management and the post-purchase experience together can fuel customer loyalty and business growth

Almost two-thirds of consumers confess that a positive brand experience is more likely to win them over than great advertising.[1] In a world where the online retail space is growing increasingly crowded, nShift is calling on ecom businesses to capitalize on the growth opportunities in deliveries.

nShift is the world’s leading provider of delivery and experience management (DMXM). In a new report, it highlights the need for close, effective collaboration between logistics functions, in charge of the last mile, and ecommerce teams, who oversee the customer experience.

The new nShift report, Beyond the box, notes that:

  1. Deliveries get people buying – offering the right range of delivery options at checkout can boost conversions by 20%
  2. Deliveries keep people coming back for more – if ecommerce deliveries are managed well, two out of three customers will shop again
  3. Deliveries grow the retailer’s reputation – the vast majority (90%) of consumer trust brand recommendations from friends.[2] Leaving customers satisfied helps sow the seeds of growth
  4. Deliveries create new marketing and sales opportunities – customers are far more likely to read messages about deliveries and returns than they are other communications from retailers. These present opportunities for retailers to weave in relevant promotions
  5. Deliveries are at the heart of the shopping experience of the future – 25-24-year-olds are the most likely age group to abandon online baskets due to a lack of convenient delivery options

Mattias Gredenhag, CTO at nShift said: “The customer experience has never been so central to ecommerce. When retailers stop seeing deliveries as a world of boxes and embrace the opportunities the delivery experience can bring, they unlock a world of potential.

“But retailers can only take advantage of these opportunities if delivery management and the customer experience are joined-up. Logistics and ecommerce teams need to be able to collaborate effectively. The right software is crucial.

“Delivery and experience management (DMXM) from nShift provides that platform. We bring together the core components of delivery management – such as a library of over 1,000 carriers – with customer facing applications and fully built-in solutions.”

Read the full report: “Beyond the box – turning deliveries into a business-building experience”

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