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Nucleus Research Releases 2022 CPQ Technology Value Matrix

Leaders in the CPQ space include Conga, Epicor, Infor, Oracle, PROS, and Salesforce.
The Configure

The Configure, Price, and Quote market is seeing rapid growth as more organizations seek CPQ solutions that help navigate changing market conditions and battle against disruptions in labor shortages and supply chain issues.

Customers across all industries are showing signs of decreased patience and brand loyalty, highlighting the importance of an organization’s ability to deliver efficient and personalized buying experiences,” said Research Analyst Cameron Marsh. “Nucleus has seen CPQ technology customers continue to prioritize usability over functionality, as organizations actively seek to reduce their IT burden and drive the adoption of new technology through administrative ease of use.”

Leading vendors in this year’s Value Matrix are heavily investing in further developing their AR and VR technologies while demonstrating a focus on integration capabilities between CPQ, ERP, and CRM solutions.

Leaders in this year’s Value Matrix deliver advanced functionality without sacrificing ease-of-use at scale. These include Conga, Epicor, Infor, Oracle, PROS, and Salesforce.

The Experts in this year’s Value Matrix are organizations that deliver value to customers with complex use cases through deep functionality and industry-specific capabilities. These include FPX, SAP, and Veloce.

Facilitators in this year’s Value Matrix deliver value through greater ease of use and quick implementation. These include, CloudSense, and Zuora CPQ.

Core Providers deliver core capabilities with faster and less expensive adoption. This year’s Value Matrix Core Providers are IBM, Model N, and Tacton.

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