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Octane Marketing partners with Quotible

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Octane Marketing, a full service digital marketing company that serves auto dealers all over the United States and Canada, has partnered with Quotible to offer auto dealers a dynamic, interactive first lead response tool to help dealers set more appointments and sell more cars.

“Dealers haven’t seen anything like Quotible before. And now we have the opportunity at Octane, to not only help drive more sales opportunities to dealers, but to also help them close more as well,” according to Octane Marketing CEO Adam Stone. “Once we saw the technology, we knew we wanted to make a deal to cement a lasting partnership,” he continued.

Quotible was founded by retail veteran Wesley Gregg and Las Vegas website developer Nick Kaptain. Together, Gregg and Kaptain created the Quotible platform to help dealers make contact with significantly more customers by delivering quotes not only through their CRM’s, but also via SMS text messaging. “Dealers are seeing their first lead responses of their CRM’s get lost in the ether 40% to 50% of the time due to spam filters and other delivery problems. With Quotible, our dealers are seeing shoppers receive and engage with our quotes over 90% of the time,” according to Kaptain.

Gregg, who has run auto dealerships for over 17 years, pointed out that, “Quotible’s notification system alerts dealers to when shoppers are engaged and also gives them valuable info to make the appointment and strategically desk the best deal. With Quotible, our dealers know who is engaged, when they are engaged and how they are engaged. It’s a tremendous advantage over other dealers.”

Octane Marketing and Quotible created the partnership to bring Quotible to Octane’s growing client base and dealers all over the country. Octane Marketing will handle all sales and marketing functions for the product and the team at Quotible will continue with product development and support.

To support the forecasted growth in sales, Octane has promoted Vice President of Sales Heather MacKinnon to Vice President, Quotible. MacKinnon will oversee all Sales and Marketing efforts for the product and help deliver Quotible to hundreds of stores in the coming year. “The response from dealers so far has been tremendous. Not only does Quotible provide an improved and significantly more engaging consumer experience, but it’s also improving the job satisfaction of the sales and BDC teams using the tool,” she added.

About Octane Marketing

Octane Marketing offers full service integrated marketing strategies focused on digital marketing, social media, video, reputation management and marketing communications. Although still a young company, Octane was quickly recognized as a top performer by Google and was named a Google Premier Partner in 2016. Octane also enjoys “Partner” relationships with Bing, Oracle Data Cloud and CDK Global.

Octane clients rely on the company for SEM, retargeting, Online Video Pre-roll ads, targeted online display, Facebook posting and content, reputation management, email and direct mail campaigns. The experienced team has over 150 years combined of OEM, retail and auto agency experience.

About Quotible –

Quotible is based out of Las Vegas, NV and was founded in 2017 by automotive industry veteran Wesley Gregg and web developer and entrepreneur Nick Kaptain. The award winning product has been in dealerships nationwide since early 2018.

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