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OctoAI signs SCA with AWS to Expand Developer Access to Generative AI

OctoAI customers can build high-performance generative AI applications on AWS

OctoAI announced a Strategic Collaboration Agreement (SCA) with Amazon Web Services (AWS). As a part of this collaboration, OctoAI is using AWS accelerated computing infrastructure services to deliver production-grade generative artificial intelligence (AI) solutions that are empowering builders to launch the next generation of AI applications. With OctoAI, businesses can easily tap into the power of open source models such as SDXL and Mixtral 8x7B, in an accessible, scalable, cost-effective way. By leveraging the power of AWS, OctoAI can deliver this with capacity availability to support OctoAI workloads at scale.

Generative AI is quickly becoming core to every application, and organizations need a means to develop against and deploy AI models quickly and efficiently,” said Luis Ceze, CEO, OctoAI. “The SCA will expand on our long-standing collaboration with AWS, giving developers expanded access to end-to-end generative AI infrastructure via OctoAI, running on AWS.”

OctoAI’s SOC2-compliant generative AI infrastructure platform serves thousands of users building text-gen, image-gen, and multimodal applications. Powering OctoAI’s end-to-end solutions is a self-optimizing compute service that automatically optimizes AI models, selects the most appropriate hardware, and improves overall utilization with smart resource management. OctoAI is architected for flexibility and scale, so customers can take advantage of the latest models, and turn the rapid evolution of AI into their strategic advantage.

OctoAI Text Gen delivers a production-grade API endpoint that enables customers to transition seamlessly from dev to production with industry-leading speed and affordability. OctoAI customers can leverage the latest open source models and bring their own fine-tuned large language models (LLMs), all with minimal disruption to their applications. The ability to run any fine-tuned LLM gives AI innovators like Otherside AI, the ability to deliver highly customized and differentiated experiences, all at lower overall costs and speeds compared to alternatives.

“The momentum in open source GenAI models is fascinating. In a year’s time, many if not most AI-powered business use-cases will be best served on open source models and fine-tuned versions of these models,” said Matt Shumer, CEO & Co-Founder, Otherside AI. “The 12x cost savings and comparable quality we are seeing today are just early evidence of that, and we intend to continue investing in this direction in partnership with OctoAI.”

OctoAI Media Gen is designed to enable businesses to deliver highly customized image, audio, and video generation applications at scale, without sacrificing performance, speed or cost. It’s being used by customers like Storytime, Nightcafe, and Cala to build powerful generative AI applications to transform industries like education, creative media, and eCommerce.

“Speed is key to the AI art experience we deliver,” said Angus Russell, Founder, Nightcafe. “We’ve been able to increase our image generation speeds by 5x with OctoAI’s low latency inferences, and this has resulted in even more usage and growth for our platform! And we’ve been super impressed with the delivery velocity of new features. We can barely keep up with the pace of new features and enhancements, and we love what these unlock for our customers.”

“We are excited about working closely with OctoAI to help enterprises build and deploy generative AI applications at scale,” said Chetan Kapoor, Director, Product Management, Amazon EC2 at AWS. “OctoAI complements our industry-leading infrastructure offerings and makes it easy for developers to quickly and cost-effectively take their generative AI applications from idea to production and take advantage of the broadest choice of compute options optimized for generative AI and global infrastructure regions.”

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