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Omnicom announced the launch of ArtBotAI

Powered by Omni, the platform expands Omnicom's intelligent content offering

Omnicom today announced the launch of ArtBotAI, its next-generation intelligent content platform, which now leverages Gen AI large language models.

ArtBotAI solves a common CMO dilemma: how to efficiently optimize creative digital content at scale without sacrificing quality. ArtBotAI’s intelligent content orchestration platform, leveraging Gen AI models powered by Omni, assembles clients’ digital assets, to create and deliver high-quality personalized experiences.

“Elegance at scale—that was the original idea behind ArtBotAI,” said Paolo Yuvienco, Chief Technology Officer, Omnicom. “Brands are demanding more customized content at scale, but their content studios and one-off tools slow down, get more expensive, and lose out on quality and performance when they try to do more with them. There’s never been a core product that could integrate their creative assets, templates, MarTech, AdTech, AI, and first and third-party data. ArtBotAI replaces a messy ecosystem with something simple, beautiful and powerful to serve our client’s content needs.”

ArtBotAI’s footprint stretches across North America, LATAM, EMEA and APAC. Alissa Hansen, Chief Product Officer, leads ArtBot and will oversee the global roll-out of ArtBotAI.

“Our clients want to maximize the value of their content as well the precision and performance of their media investments,” said Hansen. “This meticulously crafted offering will allow us to do just that. With the ability to adapt to existing client technology and powered by Omni, ArtBotAI will use creative engineering to deliver scaled content of the highest quality and provide a 360 view of content performance.”

As the next iteration, ArtBotAI embeds Gen AI capabilities into the platform to drive more efficiency and effectiveness when assembling clients’ content digital assets. Its Gen AI functionality comes from LLMs housed within Omni, which are a result of partnerships orchestrated at that enterprise level with the likes of Adobe, Amazon, Getty, Google and Microsoft (OpenAI).

Its development is part of Omnicom’s strategy to infuse Gen AI into every facet of its business to make its people more effective, its operations more efficient and to drive transformative outcomes for clients.

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