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OMNICOMMANDER Celebrates Third Anniversary

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OMNICOMMANDER, a website design, hosting and marketing startup focused on supporting credit unions, starts 2020 by celebrating three years in business martech news.

In its first three years of business, OMNICOMMANDER has dramatically grown from a one person owner-operator shop to employing 40 COMMANDOs. Operations are based in Miramar Beach, FL, have recently expanded to a 10 person office in Nashville, TN, as well as remote employees in New YorkNew Hampshire, and Texas.

“After working with credit unions for several years prior to starting OMNICOMMANDER, I saw a huge gap in their branding and outreach, specifically when you look at credit union websites and social media engagement,” stated CEO and Founder Eric Isham. “Everyone at OMNICOMMANDER takes an incredible amount of pride in the work that we do for our clients every day. When I think about the impact that we’ve had, especially in such a short period of time, in the credit union industry, it really does amaze me. Three years ago none of this existed. None of the websites, none of the offices, none of the jobs – it was all a dream.”

Since its inception, OMNICOMMANDER has introduced several industry-first and industry leading processes, starting with the ability to request website changes once a site goes live at no additional charge. Another impressive feat is the ability to launch a website in under 30 days. Their trailblazing is most notable when considering ADA compliance as they are the first company to have a full time ADA Compliance officer. They then took that a step further by ensuring they were a Certified Professional in Accessibility Core Competencies.

The next step was taking the lead as the first company in their industry to hire blind employees that utilize screen reader technology to manually scan websites for accessibility. “Scanners and widgets simply don’t work. Only manual reviews of websites can ensure accessibility,” stated President Kim Isham. “We have full-time compliance officers as well as two blind employees performing accessibility testing, including a disabled blind veteran.”

With taking these leads, OMNICOMMANDER has carved out a niche market for itself in the web development sector by being an industry leader in compliance with Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) guidelines. The industry has seen litigation risks sweeping the country, with an impact as important as Supreme Court cases ruling on the matter. As the laws and standards continue to evolve to create a more accessible internet, credit unions have found themselves needing a partner experienced in building websites that meet, and exceed these guidelines.

“The fact that we’ve developed well over 300 websites in 43 states and four countries, in this short period of time is an astounding accomplishment. Partnering with this many credit unions in less than three years is a testament to the dedication of the family here at OMNICOMMANDER. I’m especially proud of the products and services that the team has been able to develop and install at an almost inconceivable pace,” says Isham.

“It’s not just all about the growth. It’s the relationships. It’s the meaningful impact that our hard work is having on the communities that our credit unions are in. The marketing campaigns, quarterly newsletters, email blasts, custom video creation, social media posts – they are all being consumed by the nearly 2 million members our credit unions serve. The unanimous five star rating from our clients says it all. We’re making a meaningful impact and that’s pretty damn rewarding,” says Isham.

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