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The online conference, put on by Playwire and supported by Google, will give website owners and creators unparalleled information into website vitals and how it relates to advertising online
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Playwire, a global advertising technology company specializing in revenue amplification for publishers and content creators, is set to host a virtual event on August 20, 2020 at 12-2 PM EST with Google supporting this event as part of the Google Certified Publishing Program (GCPP).

Virtual attendees of the event will gain comprehensive information from both companies on how Google’s Core Web Vitals initiative and tools such as Google Search Console, PageSpeed Insights and Lighthouse, play a role in enhancing user experience and improving user satisfaction.

The upcoming event is open to all online publishers who want to hear expert talks from Playwire’s executive team and Google’s Ad Manager Team on page speed and ad optimization.

Playwire was one of two North American companies recognized as a Google Certified Publishing Partner (GCPP) in the first half of this year because of its long track record of successfully maximizing ad revenue for a diverse portfolio of publishers in the Esports and Gaming, Entertainment, EdTech, and Kids industries. Google uses the GCPP program to provide assistance to online publishers with its suite of ad-related tools through carefully vetted partners.

In the past, GCPP events have taken place at Google office spaces across the globe, but this event will take a new stage in going online due to the global pandemic.

The event will open access to the online community who want to learn web vitals and ad optimization directly from the Playwire and Google teams.

“The GCPP event is a chance for us to further educate the online community on the best practices of digital advertising and ways they can improve their websites, through a direct dialogue with Google,” stated Jayson Dubin, CEO and Founder of Playwire. “During the event, we’ll also be showcasing our Trendi video solution. Trendi is a seamless way for publishers to solve the need for video content creation while maximizing revenue.”

Playwire’s GCPP event is slated for August 20, 2020 at 12-2 PM EST. If you’re interested in attending—whether you are an existing Playwire publisher or would like to take two hours to learn more—you can sign up here:

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