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Ontopical launches AI Copilot: Oliver


Ontopical announced today the latest release of its government market intelligence platform equipped with an AI Copilot to help companies discover early signals of local government contracts with instant answers to develop winning proposals. With annual local government contracts in North America forecast to be worth more than $2 trillion USD in 2024, Ontopical is the first government market intelligence provider to offer advanced AI detection and guidance on bid preparation.

Winning new public sector work is difficult for businesses, as incumbent providers have a hard-to-shake advantage. Even for firms with significant sales teams, it’s labor intensive to discover new government opportunities before an RFP, and by then it’s often too late to build relationships or prepare a winning proposal.

“To build business with local governments across the U.S. and also Canada, companies need complete data monitoring and an advanced way to filter that data for relevant opportunities and actionable answers to best bid,” said Clayton Feick, Chief Executive Officer, Ontopical. “Our AI Copilot: Oliver, is the first Copilot with this capability and helps companies scale municipal work, focus business development teams on opportunities with a higher likelihood of closing, and saves hours finding opportunities and preparing the bid.”

Highlights of the latest release of Ontopical’s local government market intelligence platform:

  • Complete coverage of local government activity – daily alerts on early signals of new business and competitor activity. Intelligence mining across more than 12,000 municipalities and local agencies, with analysis of over 100 million pages of minutes, agendas, plans, budgets and video transcripts.
  • Curated opportunities ahead of an RFP – Ontopical’s AI Copilot: Oliver, learns to quickly detect which opportunities matter to businesses giving sales teams time to build relationships and discover needs at least six to 12 months ahead of an RFP.
  • Actionable answers to efficiently bid and win new work – Oliver pinpoints useful intel to build winning bids. Exactly locate useful opportunity information within lengthy documents or recordings and use AI prompts to find answers on budget, key contacts, context and scope.

Already, Ontopical’s Oliver is in use by some of North America’s largest construction and engineering, environmental, govtech software, power and utilities firms, with effort underway to roll Oliver out to additional customers in telecom, critical infrastructure and other industries.

“Ontopical offers an unmatched AI advantage to firms looking to grow local government business,” commented Derrick Koenig, Founder and Chief Product Officer, Ontopical. “It’s a testament to our teams’ data science and machine learning expertise and everyone’s hard work that we continue to open up more high-quality contract opportunities to businesses and add transparency to government bidding.”

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