Chatbots, Conversational AI granted patent for unique approach to multimodality

New Patent granted for System and Method for Multimodality Soft-agent for Query Population and Information Mining, the leading provider of Conversational AI and Virtual Assistant solutions, today announced that the US Patent Office has granted a patent for its unique approach to multimodality. Patent US20220114463A1 entitled ‘System and Method for Multi-modality Soft-agent for Query Population and Information Mining’. The patent details how human requests relayed via dialogue with virtual agents can access data sources and applications to provide more efficient and effective ways for users to interact with them, regardless of modalities of input.

“We are pleased that the US Patent Office has recognized the uniqueness of our approach and granted this patent,” said Magnus Revang, Openstream’s Chief Product Officer. “The release of GPT-4 has heightened the market’s awareness of the importance of multimodality to Conversational and Generational AI.” Revang continues, “Organizations that need enterprise-class Conversational AI require multimodality to deliver the highest fidelity possible for relaying and interpreting interactions between virtual agents and people.”

Multimodality is critical to businesses seeking to adopt conversational AI-based solutions because, natural conversation happens through all sensory modalities, not just text, and enterprises need to combine the signals from various modalities to drive the types of inferences or insights they need. Since its founding, has led the market in multimodality. It is core to the DNA of’s conversational AI platform, Eva™, a solution that leading enterprises are heavily employing around the world. Today’s patent announcement is the company’s latest milestone in this endeavor.

“As companies flood the enterprise-class Conversational AI arena, Openstream is proud to be able to continually differentiate itself by standing on the strengths of its intellectual capital,” said Rama Eyunni, Vice Chairman of “Our customers have come to expect that our enterprise-class conversational AI platform, Eva™, will continually deliver best-in-class multimodal capabilities thanks to our deep bench of world-renowned experts and portfolio of IP.”

Openstream’s Eva platform represents the culmination of well over 25 years of collaborative  research and a portfolio of patents by Openstream thought leaders and experts across multiple fields of study including: artificial intelligence, human-computer dialogue, multimodal interaction, computational linguistics, natural language understanding, knowledge extraction, non-verbal behavior generation, machine translation and more to deliver the most state-of-the-art Enterprise-Class Conversational AI ecosystem for customers. serves enterprises in industries that must capitalize on conversational AI quickly to thrive and compete more effectively which includes healthcare, banking, finance, and insurance as well as others. Eva’s Conversational AI ecosystem addresses the unique needs of enterprises by including features for Explainability, Reasoning, Trust, Data Governance, and Privacy Protection to provide them with solid foundations for growth while reducing risk.

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