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OpenX appoints Stacy Bohrer as VP of Sales, Midwest and West


OpenX Technologies, Inc., one of the world’s leading omnichannel sell-side platforms today announced the appointment of Stacy Bohrer as VP of Sales, Midwest and West. Bohrer, a successful veteran of The Trade Desk, will leverage her extensive programmatic media buying and data experience to build on OpenX’s success with directly agencies and brands. OpenX’s supply-side targeting capabilities are unmatched in the industry, going beyond supply path optimization (SPO) and directly integrating data on the supply side for audience amplification, higher match rates, increased transparency, and seamless transactions across channels and screens.

“Agencies and brands are changing the way that they buy. They want more transparency and control, the ability to amplify their existing data investments, and consistent targeting and measurement across screens. These expectations are creating consolidation across the industry. I chose to join OpenX because I believe that SSPs are going to play an increasingly important role in delivering on buyer needs,” said Stacy Bohrer, VP of Sales Midwest and West. “Additionally, OpenX’s unique ability to integrate an agency or brand’s first-party data, amplify that data and identify target audiences across any screen or format including CTV, with their OpenAudience solution, is a game changer and provides differentiated value for advertisers.”

Before joining OpenX, Bohrer was the Senior Vice President of Sales at Crisp. Prior to Crisp, Bohrer was Regional Vice President at The Trade Desk and the founding member of the Midwest sales team, successfully leading and scaling the team at The Trade Desk for more than seven years. At OpenX, Bohrer will report to Matt Sattel, SVP of Global Sales. At OpenX, she will lead a growing team across the West and Midwest, partnering with buyers to gain a deeper understanding of their needs and creating a more direct link between advertisers and publishers.

“I have known Stacy for more than decade and watched her build out one of the most successful platform sales teams in the industry. She has a deep understanding of advertisers’ programmatic needs and their expectations of their preferred platforms. I’m incredibly excited to bring Stacy to OpenX,” said Matt Sattel, SVP Sales at OpenX. “Stacy’s ability to understand our customers and connect product and sales innovation is a key component for our company as we continue to grow our sales engine and differentiate our capabilities in the market.”

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