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Operative and Audience Platform Announce Partnership

End-to-End Offering Delivers Automation and Scale, Enabling Major Leap Forward in Cross-Channel Advertising Using Specific Currencies like ROI, Attribution, Reach and Frequency

Operative is announcing a partnership with Audience Platform to deliver a groundbreaking end-to-end advertising solution to support next-generation currencies. The partnership combines Operative’s huge market penetration and access to product data combined with Audience Platform’s automated converged cross-channel billing/AR and advertiser self-service capabilities to help media companies automate and scale next-gen currency and converged end-to-end workflows. Typically, a highly manual process, with the new partnership, media companies will be able to support advertiser currencies like ROI, attribution and reach and frequency across channels at a massive scale automatically. The two companies combine to deliver extremely high data fidelity and the confidence needed to deliver, report and bill based on these new currencies.

Leading media companies are just starting to provide converged next-gen currency delivery, reporting, and billing to their top advertiser clients, but on a limited and manual basis. As advertiser demand increases, media companies will benefit from an automated solution to bring next-gen currency to a wider range of advertisers, with more speed, accuracy, and flexibility.

Operative brings cloud-first technology that can leverage the sheer scale of data that media companies need to assemble and deliver against next-gen currencies. Meanwhile, Audience Platform stands out as the industry leader in converged cloud-first billing, invoicing, AR, and self-service tools. Their expertise lies in seamlessly integrating data from ad servers and trafficking engines, consolidating it, and applying the necessary business rules to establish an end-to-end AR order-to-cash workflow. This comprehensive process ensures the provision of both traditional and electronic invoice outputs that can be readily acted upon for financial purposes.

“Operative is the ideal partner to create a fully scalable next-gen currency solution. Their scale, data expertise, and understanding of cross-platform order and campaign flows give them a 360-degree view of a media company’s entire delivery ecosystem,” said Stephen Saper, Chief Commercial Officer at Audience Platform. “When combined with our converged billing solution that unifies information across channels and platforms, we can provide the complete picture required to confidently trade on next-gen currencies.”

“With Audience Platform, we are able to automate next-gen currency delivery to empower media companies to bring innovative solutions to advertisers with confidence. We’re committed to this partnership for the long term, and plan to deepen our capabilities so that media companies of all types have a robust solution to meet their advertisers’ needs at scale,” said Ben Tatta, Chief Commercial Officer at Operative.

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