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Opterus Releases New Features to Its Task Management Solution

OPSCENTER 22.1 allows retailers to manage and execute store tasks and communications more simply and effectively
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Opterus, the leading provider of cost-effective, cloud store communications and task management solutions, today announced the release of OPSCENTER 22.1, a new version of its task management solution that solves retail-specific-execution challenges. With OPSCENTER 22.1, retailers can further achieve effective operations and enhance employee productivity.

OPSCENTER 22.1 is an easy-to-use solution designed specifically for businesses to improve task management and store communications. Opterus’ updated solution gives companies access to new modules and features that further streamline the management process.

The new modules and features include the all-new Apps Links module, as well as access to Visual Merchandise Reviews and a mobile global search through the OPSCENTER mobile app. In addition, users can edit submissions in the Audits module and stream videos in the Document Library module.

With the new Apps Links module, retailers can provide access to both internal and external links directly from OPSCENTER to ensure employers have all needed tools and resources in one place. For retailers, having visual consistency across stores is imperative as merchandising displays change frequently. Using the mobile app, users can upload a photo with their device for an easy and efficient approval of tasks with Visual Merchandise Reviews. As well, the mobile global search feature allows users to perform advanced searches across all OPSCENTER modules.

Users can now also edit submissions in the Audits module even after they have been finalized to make corrections or react to feedback. With one record of the truth, companies gain confidence that submissions are accurate. Finally, the Document Library module allows users to post and stream videos in a number of formats to provide the best possible experience.

“The retail industry is constantly evolving,” said Rick Peters, chief product officer, Opterus. “As shoppers return to stores and retailers struggle to hire and retain employees, it’s necessary for retailers to optimize operational processes and store communications. OPSCENTER continues to give companies access to features and modules that are not only highly tailored to retail and food service, but also configurable to allow each individual company to personalize these tools for their unique needs.”

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