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Optiversal announces $4.2M in seed funding

Optiversal, the generative AI content provider accelerating content creation for large retail enterprises, today announced that it has secured $4.2M in seed funding led by Bling Capital, with participation from Alpaca Ventures and Red Sea Ventures.

“Bling Capital is proud to support Optiversal in its mission to revolutionize the retail industry through its cutting-edge generative AI technology — helping consumers easily find highly relevant, yet often hard-to-find products sold by retailers. Optiversal’s early success with large retail enterprises and the expertise of its seasoned team speak volumes about their potential to transform the enterprise landscape,” said Ben Ling, general partner of Bling Capital.

Optiversal eliminates operational and technical barriers to producing relevant, high-quality content at scale for Retailers. Since its launch, the Optiversal platform has converted tens of thousands of missed content opportunities into hundreds of thousands of traffic-generating landing pages, delivering material revenue for enterprises while improving the consumer experience. To date, the company has generated over $125 million in new revenue for its retail customers, including multiple top-20 retailers, showcasing the immense potential of AI-powered content creation in the retail industry.

Optiversal will use this funding to accelerate the growth of the company by investing in product development, its tech and infrastructure, as well as increasing efforts to meet growing customer demands.

“We founded Optiversal with the goal of revolutionizing the way retailers approach content creation,” said Will Underwood, CEO and Founder of Optiversal. “Our platform addresses the challenges faced by large retail enterprises in generating high-quality, engaging content at scale. Our ability to develop custom AI models tailored to each of our customer’s unique voices, enables them to maintain a consistent and distinct brand voice across all marketing channels while significantly reducing the time and effort required to produce high-quality content. We’re thrilled to have the backing of investors like Bling Capital, Alpaca Ventures, and Red Sea Ventures, who share our vision for transforming the retail industry through AI-powered content creation solutions.”

Optiversal was founded by Will UnderwoodLucas Tieleman, and Jarrod Wolf, a dynamic trio of successful serial entrepreneurs who have been working together in the retail technology space for nearly a decade. Their combined expertise and passion for innovation have been instrumental in the development of Optiversal’s AI-powered content creation platform. With a proven track record of delivering transformative solutions to the retail industry, the founders are well-positioned to lead Optiversal in its mission to revolutionize content creation for retail enterprises.

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