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OrangeShine now working with Amelia Conversational AI.

The leading B2B online fashion wholesale marketplace is now working with Amelia's cutting-edge Conversational AI platform
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OrangeShine, the leading B2B online fashion marketplace, today announced that they have hired Amelia to deliver services in a more integrated and automated manner. Amelia is the world’s largest privately-held AI software company and a leader in automation and Conversational AI. Amelia’s solution unifies existing IT operations into a single autonomic backbone, which can drastically reduce inefficiencies and overhead costs.

Amelia is taking on the task of monitoring and supporting OrangeShine’s entire production server infrastructure. OrangeShine uses eight different servers to handle production support and IT services. Amelia’s new deployment with OrangeShine will fully digitize and unite these services to increase efficiency. Amelia will also support and monitor OrangeShine’s Amazon AWS cloud infrastructure.

“We were searching for a more automated cloud-integrated solution that can also drastically reduce inefficiencies and operational costs,” said Abir Alameddine, COO of OrangeShine. “We look forward to working with Amelia to accomplish that goal.”

“We are excited to partner with OrangeShine and look forward to seeing the great impact and business value Amelia brings to its IT operations,” said Chetan Dube, CEO at Amelia. “Digitization in the fashion industry makes each step of the value chain better, faster and cheaper — and automation though Amelia is an excellent way to accomplish that. Through this deployment, OrangeShine is helping to ensure its business operations are agile and resilient for years to come.”

By deploying Amelia, OrangeShine will improve its customer experience, and empower employees by eliminating logistical and technological inefficiencies in its wholesale fashion marketplace platform.

About Amelia
Amelia is the world’s largest privately-held AI software company and a leader in automation and Conversational AI. We create fulfilling human experiences through groundbreaking AI solutions as we enable conversational experiences, streamline IT operations, and automate processes. In 2014, we launched Amelia, the Most Human AI™. In 2018, we introduced true end-to-end, enterprise-wide automation with the Amelia HyperAutomation Platform, originally named 1Desk. In 2020, we introduced the world’s first online marketplace for Digital Employees ( and removed the technical barriers to implement conversational AI by introducing a no-code Digital Employee Builder. Headquartered in New York City with offices in 15 countries, Amelia´s roster of client success stories speaks for itself: Our technology impacts more than 500 of the world’s leading brands, including global leaders in banking, insurance, telecommunications, and other industries. See how Amelia is powering the future of work at

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