Orchid Launches POS & eCommerce for Retail FFLs

The ultimate FFL retail software solution combines POS, ecommerce, payments, bound book and more.
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The shooting sports industry leader in FFL technology, payments and compliance services, Orchid LLC is excited to announce the public launch of Orchid POS™ and Orchid eCommerce™ for retail gun stores. The new offerings are natively integrated with Orchid eBound™, Orchid Pay™ and 4473 Cloud to offer FFLs an all-in-one software solution from firearm operations and compliance experts.

“Orchid POS™ solves a common problem among firearm dealers,” said Shaun Phelan, Orchid VP of sales and marketing. “Rather than juggle multiple vendors, our POS system is capable of doing it all. Retailers can now easily manage inventory, market and sell to consumers online, create gunsmith work orders and digitally store 4473s all from their register – and with the aid of the leading compliance firm and firearm-friendly merchant processing. Orchid POS™ is also a cloud-based platform, which eliminates the need for expensive hardware and costly maintenance fees often charged by other providers.”

Built on a touchscreen interface, Orchid POS™ presents retailers with customer profiles and product hot keys for easy checkout while other features, such as inventory replenishment, special orders, gunsmithing, Form 4473 kiosk mode, and accounting and membership billing drive retail operational efficiencies. Orchid POS™ customers can also market to and attract customers with loyalty programs, CRM email marketing and expansive products from leading distributors like Sports South, Davidson’s, RSR and others. And, to offer maximum security, Orchid POS™ ATF compliance technology, Orchid eBound™, is backed by attorneys at FFL Law.

Combined with Orchid eCommerce™, gun stores can take their brick-and-mortar retail business online with an SEO-customized website and storefront for an omnichannel shopping experience. List in-store, on-hand products for sale nationally, sell training and event registration to local customers, and further enhance the customer experience with live distributor inventories and firearm, ammunition and accessory drop shipping through an optional AmmoReady integration.

“Orchid POS™ is the culmination of extensive development and testing efforts with trusted partners and clients,” said Orchid CEO Jon Rydberg. “We designed our POS for individual, multi-store and mobile firearm retailers and we’ve successfully worked with over 25 beta testers ranging from startups to FFLs processing $15 million in annual firearm sales to road test our new flagship product.”

“As part of our launch, we’ve also committed to join 100% of our client base with NASGW SCOPE™ to drive a stronger firearm supply chain from manufacturer to consumer. We look forward to sharing more on this partnership soon.”

Starting at $100 per month, contact Orchid today to get started with Orchid POS™ and Orchid eCommerce™ at

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