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Orgs Struggle with Content Management; Automation Benefits

Improved content workflow and better compliance management cited as top two benefits of adopting a CCMS

Quark Software, the global provider of content automation, intelligence and design software, announced results of a global survey revealing perspectives on enterprise content lifecycle management and the role a component content management system (CCMS) plays in addressing content challenges – including, for the first time, data related to Artificial Intelligence (AI).

Organizations that have deployed a CCMS, powered by content automation, cited improved workflows (45%), better compliance management (44%) and ability to deliver a better customer experience (41%) as the top 3 benefits. Additionally, nearly 90% of respondents believe AI will improve their content strategy and offer their organization a competitive advantage.

The findings result from a survey conducted by industry analyst firm IDC of hundreds of respondents involved with content management within enterprises with more than 5,000 employees across North America, UK, Nordics, Germany and France. Results, which are published in the IDC InfoBrief, sponsored by Quark, Unleashing the Power of Automated Enterprise Content in Today’s AI Era*, reflect feedback across a broad range of stakeholders involved in the content creation, operations and management process and industries including life sciences, manufacturing, financial services and government entities.

Download the IDC InfoBrief.

“Many factors contribute to enterprise content complexity and fortunately organizations are making investments to support functional use cases that result in better business outcomes,” said Holly Muscolino, Group Vice President, Workplace Solutions at IDC. “The survey results reinforce this investment, and the feedback is very clear. Organizations that have deployed a CCMS are using it to support specific business content challenges. It is also very clear that these organizations have improved content workflows and employee productivity, can better manage documentation compliance requirements and have improved the overall customer experience.”

The Enterprise Content Struggle is Real

It’s undisputed that content contributes to business growth. However, many stakeholders contribute to the enterprise content lifecycle process, including content leaders, technical writers, production managers and enterprise architects, to name a few. It also encompasses very intricate and sometimes very costly processes. Survey results include feedback from these personas reveal a myriad of factors contribute to content complexities; however, nearly 50% of respondents said that ensuring documentation meets stringent security and industry regulations was the biggest challenge. This was followed by complicated format and design concerns (42%) and the ability to keep pace with required content updates (41%).

“Your people and processes are instrumental in executing a successful enterprise content strategy – one that supports your business goals and ability to win in the markets you serve,” said Martin Owen, CEO at Quark. “But the reality is, enterprise content is highly complex, highly regulated, highly automated and highly compliant which leads to a variety of challenges that affect your people and impact their ability to perform to their highest potential. We’re committed to delivering content technologies that address every enterprise content complexity and support content stakeholders effectively so they can meet and even exceed their content strategy goals.”

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