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Outreach & Corporate Visions Announce Partnership

Global leaders in sales execution and revenue growth consulting launch partnership to increase deal velocity and seller productivity for enterprise organizations

Outreach, the leading sales execution platform helping revenue organizations create and close more pipeline, today announced a partnership with Corporate Visions Inc. (CVI), the leading provider of science-backed revenue growth services for sales, marketing, and customer success. As part of the agreement, the companies will work together to help companies transform enterprise organizations’ sales for the modern era.

“I have been a fan of Corporate Visions and their work since the beginning of Outreach. Their commitment to research-backed solutions for sales challenges and solid track record of implementing solutions across GTM teams that lead to results is unmatched. Their work has resulted in increased revenue and profitability for many of the world’s biggest companies,” said Manny Medina, CEO and co-founder at Outreach. “That’s why Outreach is partnering with Corporate Visions to empower Chief Revenue Officers to unlock sales productivity so they can efficiently create pipeline and predictably close more deals.”

Most enterprise organizations have purchased various narrowly-focused sales technology solutions over a period of time in attempts to solve specific problems in their sales execution. Unfortunately, instead of working together as a cohesive sales technology stack, these limited sales products become technology siloes each with their own login, user experience, and data. These silos make it nearly impossible for sales teams to optimize their performance across the sales cycle. In the modern era of sales, companies that are struggling with insufficient pipeline coverage and low win rates need a single platform to digitize their sales processes in order to efficiently meet revenue goals.

The partnership will empower sales leaders to increase deal velocity, improve sales quota attainment, and generate higher win rates. Corporate Visions will deliver four service offerings that leverage Outreach’s Sales Execution Platform as the single place for sales leaders to run their businesses efficiently, including: tech implementation strategy, sales messaging optimization, skills coaching, and sales forecast process & measurement. By leveraging Corporate Visions’ best practices as organizations implement Outreach’s platform, enterprise sales leaders, from the CRO down, will ensure that every action their team is taking consistently builds enough pipeline coverage for the next quarter without sacrificing today’s deal velocity or pipeline conversion rates.

“Our partnership with Outreach is an exciting opportunity to deliver even more value to the world’s biggest companies,” Erik Peterson, CEO of CVI. “By combining our expertise in messaging and training with Outreach’s leading Sales Execution Platform, we will empower sales organizations to be more efficient and productive by giving them relevant insight and situational enablement in the flow of work. As a result, GTM teams will be able to effectively generate leads and reliably convert them into sales.”

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