Outreach Introduces Outreach Data Sharing on Snowflake Data Cloud

Customers can now leverage Outreach Data Sharing on the Snowflake Data Cloud to uncover efficiencies and identify new opportunities

Outreach, the leading sales execution platform helping revenue organizations create and close more pipeline, today announced an expanded partnership with Snowflake, the Data Cloud company. As part of this expanded partnership, Outreach announced the launch of Outreach Data Sharing, a new offering that helps organizations to uncover efficiencies and identify new opportunities across the entire sales cycle by seamlessly connecting Outreach’s datasets with other enterprise data. Outreach Data Sharing for Snowflake is in private beta.

“We’re excited to help our joint customers unlock new insights and make better business decisions by combining Outreach’s sales data with data from other enterprise applications on the Snowflake Data Cloud,” said Chris Degnan, Chief Revenue Officer at Snowflake.

“By enabling Outreach Data Sharing with Snowflake, companies like ours are able to realize the value of connected datasets and insights that were previously unattainable, leading to more efficient go-to-market teams and greater ROI of our tech stack,” said Krish Mantripragada, Chief Product Officer at Seismic. “Additionally, this expanded partnership is an important moment in the evolution of the B2B data cloud, and Seismic having both Outreach and Snowflake as customers and partners makes this even more exciting.”

According to S&P Global Market Intelligence1, it’s estimated that 39% of highly data driven organizations have more than 50 distinct data silos. For many enterprise sales organizations, that means sales data often lives in disparate point solutions, tools, and inflexible CRM systems. Those data silos create elongated data pipelines, and the added effort required for data management creates friction for sales teams to access critical data and insights.

Outreach provides active sales data that customers can extract for sophisticated analyses. With Outreach Data Sharing analysts can seamlessly query the raw data that’s been created by customers’ seller activities and interactions in Outreach, from prospecting and building pipeline, through managing deals to close.

Additionally, extracting data is no longer only for data scientists and ML engineers. With Outreach Data Sharing, sales leaders can seamlessly conduct broader analyses by connecting Outreach data with other enterprise data in the customers’ Snowflake instance, without requiring complex database objects or pipeline integrations.

Customers today are already using Outreach Data Sharing, and as a result, customers are able to identify which sequences create better outcomes, or find patterns that help identify the most promising opportunities that tend to closed-won – all that could be quickly sent as reports to stakeholders daily in order to help sales reps and leaders to create and close more pipeline, more efficiently.

“Amidst a backdrop of a turbulent economy and a digital revolution in sales, today’s CROs and sales leaders need the ability to conduct more sophisticated analyses to better understand the bespoke needs of their business,” said Manny Medina, Outreach CEO and co-founder. “As the leading platform for creating and closing pipeline, Outreach is leading the industry as the first company to deliver Data Sharing to the market, allowing our customers to better manage their risk, gain insights about rapidly evolving buying behaviors, improve rep efficiency and productivity, and drive overall performance.”

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