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Outreach unveils Kaia, a knowledge AI assistant as well as new platform features

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The sales engagement platform, Outreach has introduced Kaia, a new Knowledge AI Assistant along with introducing new platform capabilities and features at its recent event- Unleash Virtual Summit 2020.

The ability to provide secure sales enablement intelligence, management, and organization capabilities, and advanced task automation, were all kept in mind while designing the new AI Assistant. Kaia was also designed by Outreach for the purpose of web integration that gives users the ability to conduct meetings as well as track significant data from the sales conversations for catering the correct follow-up.

The features of Outreach Kaia include –
Meeting summaries
People cards summarizing know information on customers
Content cards providing information on topics requested
Call-recording capability and speech-to-text transcription capability

Kaia is also developed to bring to light action items that are critical for sales representatives to complete and bookmark important data while ensuring the privacy of its customers by storing all information and recordings in the servers of Outreach.

Outreach has also announced the introduction of additional features of its platform. They include–
Buyer intent scores from Bombora that are designed for the purpose of gauging which accounts are likely to buy based on the intent data that is scored.
Voice connectors aiming at allowing users to launch outbound calls as well as take inbound calls directly within the platform of Outreach
Sequence intent reporting which is designed keeping in mind the purpose of classifying the intent of a prospective customer based on their responses into categories and identifying which accounts are most positive and most likely to engage.

These new features of the Outreach platform are now available for users to make use of them, while Outreach Kaia is set to be released in late 2020.

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