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Panintelligence and Yellowbrick Data Announce Partnership

Partnership delivers cost-effective analytics solution for secure public and hybrid cloud deployments.

Yellowbrick Data, a multi-cloud data warehouse vendor, and Panintelligence, a provider of embedded SaaS analytics, today announced a partnership to uniquely support the use of analytics embedded in a data warehouse across both cloud and on-premises SaaS environments.

Conceived for software as a service (SaaS) companies working in fintech, health tech, and other sectors where data sovereignty and security requirements place additional restrictions on the use of cloud, this collaboration supports secure public cloud and hybrid cloud deployments of embedded analytics and business intelligence tools across multiple cloud and on-premises datasets. Furthermore, the combined solution offers significant cost savings over conventional cloud offerings.

SaaS vendors that work with Panintelligence and Yellowbrick Data can access real-time and predictive insights from data stored in multiple databases and high-volume transactional datasets. Yellowbrick data warehouse scales elastically with the ability to start small and support data volume growth and varying levels of end-user activity.

Vendors benefit from delivering analytics on data in the public cloud or data that resides on-premises for analysis. Panintelligence’s platform extracts insights from data at the source to support compliance with data sovereignty and security policies.

Zandra Moore, CEO of Panintelligence, comments: “This partnership allows SaaS vendors and users forced to keep customer data on-premises or in highly secure cloud environments to benefit from embedded SaaS analytics while maintaining their existing compliance and security approaches. It allows many more companies operating in markets and sectors with the most rigorous data protection rules to embrace the benefits of our technology.”

Allen Holmes, VP of Business Development, Cloud & Global Partners at Yellowbrick Data, comments: “By working together, Panintelligence and Yellowbrick Data deliver a faster analytics environment for less cost. This allows providers of SaaS data apps to easily deliver better app services with powerful analytics, dashboards and reports.”

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