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PanTerra Announces Two New Powerful Connect Collaboration Features

Streams Connect to Support Meeting Rooms and Joining Without Moderator

PanTerra Networks announced two new Connect team conferencing features providing business flexible options for video collaboration meetings. Meeting Rooms enables any company Streams users to create a Streams Connect session from the convenience of their office that can then be initiated from a physical company meeting or conference room. The Join Without Moderator feature allows a Connect session to be started and joined by participants without requiring the meeting’s moderator to be present.

Meeting Rooms allows any company Streams user to remotely create a Connect session for a specific physical meeting room within a company building. These new features work in conjunction with Outlook/Google’s meeting room scheduling feature to allow users to schedule a Connect session for a physical meeting room. The user that creates the session is the “Session Creator” while the Meeting Room Streams user that initiates the session is the Moderator. Thus, a corporate administrator or meeting coordinator can conveniently create, coordinate, and set up Connect video conferencing sessions for different physical meeting rooms within the company. An additional optional security PIN prevents unauthorized users from starting a Meeting Room session.

The Join Without Moderator feature allows a moderator/coordinator to create Connect sessions where participants can start and run the session without the moderator actually starting or joining the session. This allows a central meeting coordinator to setup and schedule multiple meetings for other users within the company. When a session is started, the moderator/coordinator can be optionally notified as each participant joins the session.

Arthur Chang, PanTerra’s President and CEO, was quoted, “The new Connect features provide greater flexibility and convenience for our customers. With the changing workforce scenarios and increased adoption of shared workspaces, remote workers and mobile device use, flexibility and convenience in connectivity is paramount.” Arthur continued, “These new Connect features address many aspects of the ever-changing workforce and PanTerra is quite pleased with their early adopter usage thus far.”

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