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Partner Marketing Platform Releases Facebook Campaign Tracker

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Everflow announced the launch today of a platform integration feature that allows clients to easily connect their partner marketing program to the Facebook Conversions API (CAPI). A first for the performance-marketing industry, this integration gives Everflow clients the ability to launch Facebook campaigns with added performance benefits that aren’t available via Facebook’s standard advertisement campaign management.

Clients can access this new integration through their Everflow dashboard, which contains options to quickly connect to commonly-used performance marketing solutions including Shopify, Hubspot, Salesforce, Tipalti, Docusign, 24metrics, and Paladin.

Once configured, an eCommerce brand, affiliate network, or agency can send conversion data into Facebook from their Everflow dashboard using the Facebook Conversions API. The client can now access additional Facebook setup, monitoring, and performance capabilities.

Everflow’s new integration notably allows Facebook campaign tracking without cookies, which are quickly becoming obsolete due to privacy concerns.

Everflow CEO & Co-Founder Sam Darawish believes it’s crucial for anyone in the performance marketing space to begin removing cookie tracking from campaigns as soon as possible.

“Consumers are not fans of cookies, as proven by Apple’s recent privacy updates, Google’s commitment to remove cookies by 2023, and the growing popularity of ad blockers. By going cookie-less sooner with features like our new FB CAPI integration, you’re not only preparing for increased privacy requirements, but also launching campaigns that are more aligned with consumer preferences and with faster loading times,” adds Darawish.

Increased page speeds and more modern privacy practices aren’t the only client benefits of Everflow’s new integration.

According to Everflow Co-Founder Kanwar Dhaliwal, this new integration is loaded with performance benefits to help clients achieve more.

“Our FB CAPI integration is further proof of our commitment to client success, as it gives clients the ability to scale their Facebook campaigns with more data, perform offline tracking including QR code redemptions, utilize custom tracking capabilities, and even the option to collect data from users who opt out of cookie-based tracking,” states Dhaliwal.

Launched with platform v2.9.2 release, the Everflow Facebook Conversions API integration has been utilized by a growing base of clients, including performance networks like PWN Games.

“We’re running FB campaigns for multiple gaming clients, which requires a lot of setup. Before Everflow’s FB Conversions API integration, onboarding a new client or changing ad accounts was tedious and lengthy. We can now connect and set up new accounts in minutes. Our media partners benefit from this new integration, too, being able to set up tracking simply by connecting to their FB account and following Everflow’s documentation,” states Vincent Fréchette, COO & Managing Director at PWN Games.

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