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Pega Expands Cloud Choice Guarantee with Kubernetes Support

Pega, the leader in cloud software for customer engagement announced support for Kubernetes to provide its clients with a new option for cloud containerization orchestration
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Pegasystems Inc., the software company empowering digital transformation at the leading enterprises around the world, today announced support for Kubernetes to provide its clients a new option for cloud containerization orchestration on AWS, Microsoft Azure, Pivotal, Google Cloud, and Red Hat. This continues the organization’s commitment to its Pega Cloud Choice Guarantee for customers self-managing their Pega applications on their preferred third-party cloud provider. Martech

In a unique program, Pega Cloud Choice Guarantee has helped clients stay agile by avoiding cloud vendor lock-in. It gives clients the flexibility to run their Pega applications on Pega’s fully-managed Pega Cloud Services or on their Pega-certified cloud infrastructure provider of choice. At the same time, containerization has changed the way organizations manage their cloud applications. Kubernetes has quickly become the leader in cloud orchestration by enabling increased scalability, flexibility, and data security.

With this announcement, Pega now expands its Pega Cloud Choice Guarantee by supporting the following flavors of Kubernetes offered from leading cloud providers: AWS Elastic Kubernetes Service (EKS), Microsoft Azure Kubernetes Service (AKS), Google Kubernetes Engine (GKE), Pivotal Container Service (PKS), and Red Hat OpenShift. This means Pega clients can host their Pega applications on these top cloud providers while also leveraging Kubernetes to orchestrate their containerization strategies. This demonstrates Pega’s ongoing commitment to continually certify in-demand cloud choice options requested by clients.

Don Schuerman, CTO and vice president, product marketing, Pegasystems said that “As organizations continue to turn to the cloud, they want a modern cloud architecture that gives them the flexibility and cost control needed to succeed in today’s fast-changing markets. Pega understands our clients have different needs, so we provide them powerful ways to manage their cloud deployments without taking any of their options away. By supporting containerization with Kubernetes, we continue to provide the flexibility our clients need to run their applications while also future-proofing their technology as they scale their business.”

Customers today want flexibility and scalability when it comes to their cloud deployments. Pega Cloud Services gives customers peace of mind so they can focus on other issues while Pega manages the platform. Clients also have the option to self-manage their Pega software on their preferred Pega-certified cloud infrastructure provider. No matter which arrangement clients choose, Pega ensures easy and penalty-free migration to and from all these options if and when the business need arises.

Pega Cloud Choice Guarantee with Kubernetes is available now for all Pega clients currently operating on the current version of Pega Infinity.

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