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Persado is the top Leader in CB Insights’ new landscape report


Persado, the Motivation Artificial Intelligence (AI) company, is the top Leader in CB Insights’ new landscape report assessing companies providing generative AI text content generation. CB Insights awarded Persado with a 9.8/10 score—nearly a point higher than the closest industry peer—from among the 32 private technology vendors included in the landscape and the 15 vendors featured in the Execution, Strength, and Positioning (ESP) Ranking. Leaders are the most established service providers in the market and possess the breadth to address various customer needs. The full analysis is available for download here.

According to CB Insights, “By adopting generative AI for text content generation, businesses can streamline and scale their content creation processes, save time and resources, and ensure consistent and high-quality output. It [the technology] enables scalability for producing large volumes of content and can be particularly beneficial for content marketing, copywriting, e-commerce content and other text-heavy industries.”

Setting Persado apart in the space is the company’s ability to deliver not only efficient, scalable solutions, but also drive measurable sales increases. Persado Motivation AI solutions are proven to help brands achieve both efficiencies and effectiveness. In the last four years, Persado’s top 30 customers collectively achieved $1.5B+ in incremental revenue growth using Motivation AI technology.

CB Insights research helps businesses understand tech markets faster and discover the companies they need to know. Solutions in the recently published Generative AI Text Content Generation Market report leverage natural language processing (NLP) and machine learning (ML) algorithms to understand context, generate coherent and engaging text, and mimic the writing style of human authors. The firm’s ESP Matrices and Scorecards leverage data and analyst insight to identify and rank leading companies in a given technology landscape.

Reasons cited by CB Insights for Persado’s leading position include:

  • Employs unique language generation and experimentation methods to determine the most effective elements of language for optimal performance
  • Utilizes a robust proprietary dataset to drive Al-generated content
  • Offers support for multiple channels of content including web, email, push, and social media

Persado Motivation AI is a specialized class of enterprise generative AI technology that is proven to help brands drive engagement and increased conversion. The company’s solutions use advanced machine learning, natural language processing (NLP), and deep learning transformer models to understand copy intent and create emotion-informed messages that are quantifiably proven to motivate individuals to take action. Unlike other large language models, which pull and learn from the wide internet, Persado Motivation AI is trained on a specialized dataset of real interaction and transaction data from 1.2 billion active consumers that measure and refine language, emotional response, and engagement.

“As one of the industry’s earliest generative AI companies, Persado has not only strengthened our specialized and proven knowledge base to generate millions in revenue for our customers, but pioneered applications where the technology is most impactful—including the online cart,” explained Persado CEO and Co-founder Alex Vratskides. “Our Dynamic Motivation solution personalizes the CX with emotion-aware language, driving 3-5% lift in conversions within weeks. The brands that look beyond GenAI’s productivity perks to also seize its performance potential are seeing huge business impact.”

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