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Petal Search Empowers Businesses to Flourish

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A year after its launch, Huawei’s intelligent mobile search engine Petal Search has seen a remarkable market share expansion and is committed to helping businesses flourish alongside its progress. At the annual Huawei Developer Conference 2021 (HDC 2021), Huawei announced a host of fresh Petal Search capabilities that enterprises and developers, can draw on. From fresh entrants on the scene to established players, Petal Search offers ground-breaking tools to meet the needs of businesses aspiring to grow.

Petal Search forges strategic partnerships to give businesses a boost

By collaborating with Petal Search, businesses will be able to leverage on the mobile search engine’s ecosystem and technological openness to achieve their desired business strategies and goals.

Petal Search’s growth trajectory has been impressive, and shows no signs of slowing down. As of September this year, the mobile search engine has recorded an increase of 32 million monthly active users. Additionally, Petal Search is one of the major mobile search engines in most regions – and its sizeable user base translates into a wide audience for each of Petal Search’s partners.

Petal Search 2.0 delivers a vast array of tools to help its global partners efficiently distribute content, including the Petal Merchant Center, Petal Travel Center and Business Connect, which provide tailor-made services custom fitted for each business’s unique needs and challenges. Petal Merchant Center provides merchants tools to list their products and deliver commercial promotion to gain visibility, Petal Travel Center caters to the tourism and hospitality sector, and Business Connect to e-commerce retailers and entity sellers.

Empowering partners with next-generation capabilities

Petal Search also opens up its suite of tools to businesses and developers via Search Kit, enabling partners to quickly provide optimal mobile app search experience. The Search Kit comes equipped with multiple smart functions, such as Visual Search, Voice Search, OCR Translation, Text to Speech, Shopping Search, Hotel Search, and more, giving users access to Academic Knowledge, Entity Linking, and Knowledge Graphs.

The kit also comes with a whole suite of solutions such as Autosuggest, News, Video, Web, Shopping, Hotel search and more, allow businesses the flexibility to reach out to relevant audiences based on their customisable needs.

As one of the 69-class kits of HMS Core 6 with over 21,738 API distributions, the Search Kit enriches apps with its search capabilities, enabling businesses and developers’ offerings soar to new heights.

Enhance sales performances with Petal Merchant Center

Designed to support e-commerce innovation, Petal Merchant Center is a one-stop online product launch and management platform which allows retailers to configure how products on their websites will show up in Petal Search’s results, affording businesses greater autonomy to coordinate product information to realise their business potential and unlock boundless opportunities associated with mobile shopping to bolster their sales performances.

For its e-commerce partners, Petal Search has a great deal of commercial solutions at their disposal, with functions such as intelligent on-site recommendation to improve product recommendations on merchant sites via Petal Search’s AI recommendation service, and the Smart Assistant, an intelligent AI guide to enhance user interaction on retail websites.

Fly high with Petal Travel Center

The mobile search engine’s Petal Travel Center, a dedicated portal for travel, gives users end-to-end support throughout their entire journey, from planning their flights to picking a hotel.

Aiming to bring even more features to its commercial partners, Petal Travel Center was specially formulated for online travel agents (OTA) and channel manager(CM). The simplified portal enables partners to manage their travel trade platforms, products, and product statuses. For businesses looking to examine their productivity in day-to-day operations, additional performance and click-through tracking is also available on the Petal Travel Center.

Thanks to its search optimisation, Petal Travel Center makes information about flights, hotels and tourist attractions in a city readily available at users’ fingertips. Hotels, specifically, can manage information, lists, pricing and landing pages to optimise touch points and increase traffic and engagement. The Hotel Search function recommends hotel brands to users, and takes them to official sites of the brands, giving prospective customers easy access to these brands. Hoteliers can leverage on PTC to upload hotel feed data and gain organic search traffic within the vast HMS ecosystem. Moreover, additional performance reporting is available for enhanced accuracy of business results tracking.

With over 2 million hotel listings currently hosted globally, Petal Travel Center has seen success amongst its partners.

Move ahead of the game with Business Connect

Dedicated to local enterprises, Business Connect allows business owners to create or claim their businesses on Petal Search, verify their businesses via email or phone to safeguard against unauthorised changes, post engaging promotional information, including photos and videos, to attract a broad customer base, as well as add working hours, contact information, photos, and available services for the benefit of customers. Currently, over 6,000 businesses use the portal to reach out to millions of users.

With multiple display options for diverse categories of local businesses, from restaurants to attractions, and premium slots for local ads, as well as content management, account management and business analysis features, Petal Search’s Business Connect helps entrepreneurs stand out from the crowd.

Petal Search offers thriving possibilities

Petal Search’s myriad of versatile, intelligent features offers vibrant opportunities for businesses looking to enhance their productivity, from aspiring self-starters to established brands aiming to go global. Bringing the latest tech advancements to the table, Huawei’s search engine works hard and smart for its audience of 730 million global device users across over 170 countries, creating value for partners and users alike.

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