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PIA unveils usage-based pricing for AI automation platform

New pricing model offers MSPs cost control and flexibility while maintaining the option for unlimited fixed pricing

Pia, the ultimate ai-led automation platform for MSPs, empowering them with improved efficiency, faster ticket management, and elevated customer service, is excited to announce a new usage-based pricing model for its partners. This innovative model allows partners to pay only for the resources and automations needed, providing a flexible alternative to Pia’s fixed-base pricing model.

“Our partners have expressed a need for usage-based pricing to better control costs, and we heard them loud and clear,” said Gerwai Todd, CEO of Pia. “The feedback after sharing the news with our current partners has been overwhelmingly positive, and we are now opening this pricing model option to all.”

Key benefits of Pia’s usage-based pricing model:

  • Cost control: Partners only pay for what they use, offering savings and cost management.
  • Flexibility: Usage-based pricing allows partners to adjust the platform usage according to business needs without being tied to a fixed rate.
  • Transparency: Pia provides clear and transparent reporting of usage and costs for better expense monitoring.

For partners who value simplicity and predictability, Pia continues to offer fixed pricing plans with unlimited usage. This option provides maximum value, allowing partners to manage their costs while benefiting from the platform’s full capabilities for a fixed monthly or annual fee.

“We believe that offering both usage-based and fixed pricing with unlimited usage options empowers partners to select the pricing model that best aligns with their business needs,” Todd said. “Whether partners prefer the flexibility of usage-based pricing or the simplicity of fixed pricing, we are committed to ensuring they have the right solution for their businesses.”

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